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Trying to Make It About You Doesn't Make it About You ~ Ribbons & Belle #abortion #endinwantedpregnancy #romance

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I believe in life and the rights of those to control their own lives and the lives of those entrusted to them. Whether it's to make choices others find unacceptable or desirable and was extremely happy the Supreme Court struck down two laws written by Texas.

Since the beginning of the year, 30 laws in 14 states have been passed in order to make it harder for women to get abortions. Here are a few of the big numbers. A graphic of recent laws and their particular restrictions by state is here.

Those same erroneously passed laws have the potential to cause you (women) to die from a pregnancy that would sustain no viable life, ectopic for example or have you carry a pregnancy to term that will only produce a severely disabled child. One that would not survive a birth in the first place. Why is that anyone else's business?

 I find a  great amount of dark humor within the women thinking they know it all, while standing behind men who will lose nothing when it comes to a cancerous vajayjay.

When you need life saving care. ..there will be no help for you either, booboo. Because you stood in line ranting lie a maniac over the sanctity of another woman's body.

That anger you wear, the dumb, uninformed signs you carry, and the cross you swing around like the talisman of  a voodo chant (depicting someone who is supposed to have gotten off that cross), will not save you.

 You as a woman,  will be in the same predicament as the people angry with Obama  care and then having to depend in that same system to save themselves or a loved one, plain and simple, blind lamb-brain stupidity. ROFL.
This turncoat, knee-jerk reactions of tunnel visioned women, are the things that caused me to write Ribbons & Belle. 

In Ribbons & Belle, Anabelle has to make a dire decision on ending a much-loved and wanted pregnancy due to a diagnosis of Dandy-Walker Syndrome and other medical issues. When family members and people on her social networks find out, the backlash is excruciating.
"Don't be so dramatic, Belle. We're in this together. All of us."
“Dramatic? Whoa, wait a minute. You think I'm just being dramatic?" The switch from teary eyed woman to ball of angry fire, threw Tyson for a loop and he loosened his hold. "Let's talk about dramatic. Let's talk about all of us, and your sister." Belle brushed away her tears and stood. Slapping Tyson’s protective hands away. “What was going through your mind when you decided to tell Cornelia about Fawn?” Belle punched him in the shoulder with her fist. “I’ve asked you over and over to stop trying to protect me. Now you've messed things up worse than they were."
"How? I just wanted her to understand what's going on between us. I'm tired of going to family visits without you. Hearing the stupid, often cruel comments. You missing out on the love the women show each other throughout their pregnancies."
"Well, you can forget all of that. Cornelia came over and the things she said... I can't repeat,I can't forget, and I can't make her see what I had no choice to do, any differently than she already does. I liked her Tyson and now she sees me as some kind of monster. A baby killer.”
“No, she doesn’t.”
“Bull. I talked, no I listened to her today and I know better than you, yes she does. First she was only seeing me as the little whore trying to trap her baby brother, something that would eventually have fixed itself. Unless you told her about the procedure, too." She paused for a response. At his negative movement she continued. "I'm surprised. Seems you tell them everything. Doesn't matter now anyway- I’m a killer in her eyes. More than likely in all of their eyes. I used to like her, Tyson. I thought she liked me too, but that’s a big bag of bullshit now. She left here swearing to never speak to me again.
Which brings me to my Facebook page and each of my social media accounts. I had to close all of them because one of your spiteful family members made a negative, ranting post on my page and its gone freaking viral. I knew people were mean and critical, have always read some pretty cruel posts, but once someone has a face to put to their vitriol, they’re ruthless. I’m down to screening my phone calls. Read more  Here
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"Ribbons & Belle" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

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For parents going through a devastating experience such as Belle’s visit Ending A Wanted Pregnancy http://endingawantedpregnancy.com/

What is Dandy-Walker Syndrome?
Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum (an area at the back of the brain that controls movement) and the fluid-filled spaces around it. The key features of this syndrome are an enlargement of the fourth ventricle (a small channel that allows fluid to flow freely between the upper and lower areas of the brain and spinal cord), a partial or complete absence of the area of the brain between the two cerebellar hemispheres (cerebellar vermis), and cyst formation near the lowest part of the skull. An increase in the size of the fluid spaces surrounding the brain as well as an increase in pressure may also be present.
The syndrome can appear dramatically or develop unnoticed. Symptoms, which often occur in early infancy, include slow motor development and progressive enlargement of the skull. In older children, symptoms of increased intracranial pressure such as irritability and vomiting, and signs of cerebellar dysfunction such as unsteadiness, lack of muscle coordination, or jerky movements of the eyes may occur. Other symptoms include increased head circumference, bulging at the back of the skull, problems with the nerves that control the eyes, face and neck, and abnormal breathing patterns.
Dandy-Walker Syndrome is frequently associated with disorders of other areas of the central nervous system, including absence of the area made up of nerve fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres (corpus callosum) and malformations of the heart, face, limbs, fingers and toes.
Is there any treatment?
Treatment for individuals with Dandy-Walker Syndrome generally consists of treating the associated problems, if needed. A surgical procedure called a shunt may be required to drain off excess fluid within the brain. This will reduce intracranial pressure and help control swelling. Parents of children with Dandy-Walker Syndrome may benefit from genetic counseling if they intend to have more children.
What is the prognosis?
The effect of Dandy-Walker Syndrome on intellectual development is variable, with some children having normal cognition and others never achieving normal intellectual development even when the excess fluid buildup is treated early and correctly. Longevity depends on the severity of the syndrome and associated malformations. The presence of multiple congenital defects may shorten life span.
What research is being done?
The NINDS conducts and supports a wide range of studies that explore the complex mechanisms of normal brain development. The knowledge gained from these fundamental studies provides the foundation for understanding abnormal brain development and offers hope for new ways to treat and prevent developmental brain disorders such as Dandy-Walker Syndrome.

A term given to the child born after a miscarriage, still-birth, or the death from illness.

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