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Where's My Damned Cape? I Will Be My Own Hero #amwriting #ammarketing #thingslegendsaremadeof

As I  scoured the social networks this morning, I realized I was focusing on a theme. Unconsciously bypassing articles and reading the ones pertaining to business. The points of failure, that makes you into a success.
As a published author with a stack of manuscripts waiting their turn at press, I sometimes longed for a traditional publisher- one that would help me be a success  and not simply feed my ego. Been there(with small press), done that and it is not what its cracked up to be. *shudders*

Did you know there are way too many small publishers popping up and older well established business all fighting for the same thing?

You, me,  the next best seller. I admit, I read through their submission processes, what they're looking for, and they all read the same. Neither is offering anything different or more spectacular than the other. 

Neither will be able to make you famous and keep you famous- it all hinders on you.

You are that key. So,  if they can market you, promise you the world, (which they actually don't) why can't you, me- as a publishing company in my own right, not do the same for myself? Who better to focus on my success, than me?

Today, Wade-In Publishing has a new client. She will receive the publishing standard Gold package where all attention is focused on her success and marketing. She will not be left to go it alone.  Stay tuned as we go from newbie to best seller. She just better know, she gotta work, work, work, work, work.

So,  I have tentatively prepared a promotional package. Pop Over and see my DIRECT Sales page.
  • First was to submit the latest books into online websites. Beginning with the free ones. 
  • Then a couple of months of die hard promotions.
  •   5-10 blog stops. If I can secure more, I'll do that. My first place to look was on my Pinterest board- See Ey, Hear Ey and reach out to former supporters.
  • Blog stops includes interviews and or guest post
  • Social media blast (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +)
  • Five (5) Live Author Interviews on Blog Talk Radio, hopefully that will add up to 60 days/2 months- These possible venues were also researched using my Pinterest board.
  • I intend to set myself up a Personalized (fan page) tour page so my guest can peek it out.
  • I have my Media Kits prepared because they each have specifics pertaining to each book. . It contains (author bio, author photo (optional) trailer, book cover, teaser, social media links, buy links)
  • I have also set up a sales page where each book may be purchased directly from me. Links are also on the blogs for each book. 
Sounds like a lot of work , but I have my cape, and the dedication to work it out.
As a self-promoter, what are the ways you help push your work?
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