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How Did A Girl with Albinism become a Character in a novel?

 To tell you how the concept of Paisley came along is a story within itself. One that is being told at this moment on her blog, When Clouds Touch.

I must say, the longer I am on the road as a writer, the more my characters have decided they will run the telling of their story, their way and in their time frame. I can not control the flow or the time put into the actual writing. Paisley has also been interviewed at In the Chair, check it out.

 Making timelines, outlines, are out the door for me. It doesn't work. Call me lazy, call me unorganized, heck call me anything- wait just call me, I can use the distraction.

 Setting a schedule, per se, is ridiculous on my clock. I can't tell myself sit in front of the laptop or use my pen and paper at a certain time and I may sit doodling that entire time or researching. I'll never get the story finished.

I won't say I write by the seat of my pants or get stuck banging on a wall, because I tend to know what I want to write, it's the sitting and waiting for the people, whose lives I'm recording, to speak up. I have to get it right. Which brings us back to Paisley.

 The way she told me who she was came as a surprise. I knew the very beginning of When Clouds Touch and I knew pretty much how it would end, but nothing in between. No names for the characters or what their issues were. I just knew this couple loved each other. Have you ever been that way with your writing?

Crash Into Me
 (that very first scene, envisioned after watching the wind blowing clouds)

Two clouds, floating ever so slowly through the soft blue sky, one from either direction, moved closer on a path towards collision.

Angels, their beautiful song filling the air like a lullaby, sat serenely on separate pillows of softness, gently flapping their enormous wings to deflect the heat of the sun's rays from the cloud's tiny inhabitants.

The tiny souls, cuddled within the silken folds, glanced across the gap and in lightening recognition, they reached out. Before their chubby fingers could touch, thunder boomed and puffs from their guardian’s breath blew the clouds apart. Continuing in the same direction, yet inches apart, the angels resumed their soothing tunes.

Well, as I was setting up a storyboard on Pinterest, flicking through pictures, all of a sudden I heard an excited voice breaking through my thoughts and it was saying, "That's me. That's who I look like."

 I was like wow. She looks so sad. And as I looked into her eyes, studied the vulnerability of the way she hugged, embraced, comforted herself- Paisley told me her story. It all came out like a rush and I wrote quickly. I know the foods she likes, hates, fav. everything, haha. She told me a lot which helped me give her flesh, bone, and humanity. When she began talking about her ailments, I had to slow her down to do research (more about that on her BLOG)

I've learned a lot about Albinism and the horrors directed at the African people living with the disease.  Though Paisley is of Asian descent, her parents are a trial on their own, the real conflict in When Clouds Touch. Please join us on her blog to hear her story.

 NOAH The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.
If you are interested or want to know about the challenges of Albinism, visit NOAH
If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail  at

An outstanding magazine - Albinism Beauty,  features gorgeous models and informative articles. Please , take a look.

On Rant Lifestyle style they have an article which tells you
16 Things you may not know about Albinos take a peek. And then join Paisley as we discuss her entry into fiction.
  1. Magic
  2. Cures Aides
  3. Poor eye sight
  4.  not limited to humans
  5. not contagious
  6. Albinos are not "slow."

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