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The Fishing Trip - Trapped Between Hero and Monster #thriller
What do you do when your character seems to have crossed the moral boundaries?
 What if your characters are stepping into roles many wish they could, in honest reality, apply to the deviant animals of life?
 Would you change their story in order to please society?
 In my  mind, my characters are heroes. In their world they bounce against the walls of what's right and what's wrong. As Durham says,
"I’m sure if a common person were to find out about what I am doing they would be torn between two minds. One side would negate me into the role of a murderer while the other side, the more truthful side, would applaud me for taking a stand and ridding the world of useless and dispensable trash.


 ~At ten years old, Durham plotted his first murder. He watched all of the after school specials, tried telling the adults in his life, but nothing good came from it. How could it when most of the adults were the problem? His mom in her drug induced world had refused to keep the guy out of their lives. Somehow or other he and his little sister always ended up being the ones punished, whether it was through the foster care system or being returned home to live in a worse scenario - they always ended up back in the clutches of the stepfather.
Decatur Pugh would taunt them by saying he had bought them from their mom for a few pieces of crack. He would laugh and say they were more than his children they were and would always be his property. He had them believing he could do whatever he wanted to them which was why they were always returned. Life had seemed hopeless. His little sister was eight years old when she jumped out of a third story window at school and killed herself.
At ten years old Durham succeeded in killing his stepfather.~

~From memory and constant practice he counted his steps. At his tenth step he shouted out the world ‘life’, a signal to Roman that he was on his way. They’d planned this scenario perfectly and at Roman’s response of ‘demanded’, he continued on to his next position with The Monster a few steps behind him. Swiftly zigging to the left and behind a tree he stopped, hand over mouth to stifle the sounds made from his effort to catch his breath.
The dark clothes he wore helped to make him invisible and The Monster continued in the direction of Roman’s voice. Everything was going as planned. Moving quickly and quietly he counted his steps to be in place for the next shout out. Thirty steps, around the fallen tree, and then crouch beside a row of bushes. This would put him in the most dangerous and vulnerable position, on the edge of the raven.
He could hear Roman’s light steps approaching instantly followed by the heavy thumps of The Monster’s shoes and his verbal tirade of obscenities and threats. At the sound of Roman’s shout of the word action’, he jumped out of his hiding place at the same time Roman made it through his maze and paused at his side. Throwing Roman one of the rods they had hidden during one of their practices they swung at the monster. Purposely smacking the back of his legs until his forward steps of attempted escape caused him to fall over the edge.
His screams and the final thud of his body as it hit the ground below released the tension from their bodies and they cheered in triumph. When the celebration ended, they did their best to clean any evidence of their involvement before running back through the dark, placing the rods to their places in the garage and creeping into their beds. The next morning they continued life as usual or as usual as living in Shiningbal permitted.~
“Boy, I should kill you for that.”
“You can think you could, but you would be deceiving yourself. I’m going to tell you this one time,” Durham moved to press his nose directly into the man’s nose. “This girl here is mine and if you try to hurt her, you will die on the spot. If she doesn’t want to do this the deal is off. No if ands or buts. You will have to find your own kid.” He turned to her. He could see she was afraid and having her beat on was not and would never be a part of the plan. “You don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to.”
“I’m sorry. I promise I won’t hurt you.” The cretin stood up straight and offered his hand in apology, not a single sign of sincerity anywhere in his eyes. Penny put her hands in her pocket and looked toward Durham.
“Girl, you know what we came out here for.” Durham looked straight at her, making sure his steady gaze would not sway her decision. “All I can do is promise I won’t let him hurt you.”
“Alright, that’s good enough for me.”
Moving to stand on the other side of Durham and furthest from the guy’s reach, Penny stood until the deal was settled and then moved to get in the car. Durham had already slid under the steering wheel and started the car and she, as was habit got in the back and assumed the guy was to get in the front. But he climbed in the back next to her and slammed the door shut.
She was immediately made aware the freak was the violent type of pervert who got his kicks from the brutality of the sexual act he would force on a child. Before she could get her defenses up he threw her on her back and practically had her pants off before the car was shifted into drive.
Totally engrossed in the fight to protect herself she was unaware of Durham pulling over or getting in the backseat. One minute she was in a struggle for her life and the next she was sucking in the last putrid gusts of breath the creep gasped. Durham, lifting the man's dead weight off of her, pushed him to the floor without saying a word until he was back behind the steering wheel.
"Listen, Penny. You can stop during this anytime you want. This is far more dangerous for you than it is for me. I don’t want anything to happen to you
"I’ll be alright.” Taking a deep breath she wiped the tears from her cheeks as she straightened her clothing. “Do you ever get tired of doing this Durham?" Feeling as if she would break down and cry in torrents, Penny kept her head down and out of his field of vision through the rearview mirror.


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