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I am so excited. Today we are having an interview cum Mother's celebration dinner. Our main guests will be:
  •  Debney Armstrong from the novel D.N.A.,
  •  Catrine, the mother of little Brhin-Kristoffer Teddi from The Perfect Solution 
  • and all of the ladies from The Women on the Hill. Anabelle Lee from Ribbons & Bell and Penny( The Fishing Trip) are also here, but aren't sure they want to speak. 
Of course we have invited others from the great imagination of our author Ey Wade, they will be hosting the dinner to honor the mothers, the men will serve.
Let's join the dinner already in progress.

    Austin Sanchez (Perfect Solution) entered the dining room juggling three baskets of fresh home made rolls, placing one on each of the long tables.
    "I hope everyone is hungry, Bernard (Tripping Prince Charming) is pushing the cart and coming behind me."
    The good natured cheering and hurrahing helped usher in the foods and party atmosphere. 
   "So, ladies..." Catrine(The Perfect Solution) tapped her water class with the prongs of her fork. "Ey has given me one question for all of you to answer. Who's brave enough to jump in and start this off?"
    "You know me, I don't have a bit of fear, so I'll start." Penny (The Fishing Trip) placed her fork on the edge of her plate, rested elbows on table and rested her chin between the knuckles of her right hand. "What's the question? "

Are you brave enough to step between the love of a mother for her child?

"When Mama Don't Play" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same- http://dna-bloodtiesandlies.blogspot.com Debney Nichole Armstrong thought she knew everything about her family. She knew her dad worked hard at everything, except building a relationship with his family. She knew her younger brothers were typical little kids, and she knew her mother, for some unknown reason, disliked her first born and only daughter. What she really needed to know was did her mother contribute to the ‘accident’? Who is the man repeatedly mentioned in her mother’s journals? Where were the bodies of her ten year old twin brothers, and who is the father of the child she now carries? No matter what the answers are, Debney knows, nothing will ever be the same.
D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same 

othing was as it had been. From the bathroom she could see in the closet and into the newly renovated nursery. It was now totally official; she was going to have a baby. Standing in the nursery she smoothed the blanket in the crib. It was ridiculous how ‘right' being pregnant felt. Sure it was the last position a teen should find be in, but it seemed as if she had been thrown a lifeline and the exact thing she needed at this time in her life. Mrs. Cook had often told her God didn't make mistakes and everything would work out for the best. She was resting the remainder of her sanity on that statement.

"We did a good job huh?" Nadine entered the closet and stood next to her.

 "Yes. I can't believe I'm really having a baby, a real person. For months I've felt it moving, punching and kicking me, but when I walked in just now it really clicked that I'm going to be a mother. In a few days I will be holding the life of another human being in my hands." She looked at the small item of clothing Nadine held in her hands. "I'm afraid. I'm afraid I may turn into the conniving vindictive person my mother was. How in the world am I going to teach this child to love others when my own mother couldn't love me?"

 "Debney, first of all stop comparing yourself to Nicole Armstrong. You are nothing like her. From day one when your mother realized she was pregnant she wanted to get rid of you. You found out you were pregnant and you decided to have a baby. You hired a midwife and changed your eating habits. When Nicole wanted a nursery for her children she cleared a room on a different floor, and hired a decorator. You grabbed some paint and a couple of friends and spent an entire weekend renovating a closet so the baby can sleep in the same room. When that woman had here babies she threw them into the arms of nannies and au pairs. You will more than likely drag the little snot dripper with us wherever we go. So, you are nothing like Nicole you are going to be a mother and she was a woman who had a couple of babies."

"Dang Deenie," Debney blinked, crying without noticing she quickly wiped the tear that fell from her lashes. Her friend's words encouraged her more than anything she' heard in months. "Aren't you damned inspirational early in the morning? I just may have to keep you around as an ego booster."
"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


The Perfect Solution  A child is given to a stalker.THE PERFECT SOLUTION #suspense Everyone loves three year old Brhin Teddi. His single mother, Catrine, loves him. His aunt and uncle and cousins love him.
The teachers at his daycare center, The Perfect Solution, love him. And someone in the shadows, watching, following and planning, loves him so much she’s ready to destroy countless lives to have him. A terrifying look into the world of childcare, its weaknesses and the terrible cost of those weaknesses.THE PERFECT SOLUTION
 What if the decisions you've made for your life, endangers the life of your child?

Catrine stepped back and looked around the room. Lifting her face towards the ceiling, she blinked to hold back the tears. "I'm sorry," she repeated. "I'm just… I don't know lost, hurt and profoundly disappointed." Her hand fluttered in the air in frustration. "I think I have cried more here than I have ever done in my entire life. I just can't take it in." Catrine shook her head in confusion. "I have never been so disillusioned. I put my trust in you." She glared angrily. "I placed the most precious thing I had in the world in your hands and you people did not take your job seriously. Do you understand how important your presence is here? This is not just a baby-sitting thing. You are responsible for lives, lives that depend totally on you when they are here." Catrine quickly bypassed the detective and stood in front of Mrs. Wall. "You have absolutely no business," she angrily jabbed a finger into the woman's chest with every word she spoke. "no, business at all having any control over the lives of so many children. None of you do." Her voice broke with the bluntness of her words as she turned and waved her hand to include the entire staff of the day care center. "All of you should be held responsible for neglect, and abuse and I will make sure that you are."

The Perfect Solution- A Suspense of Choices "The Perfect Solution-A Suspense in Choices" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


 The Women of the Hil,l is an affair to remember. It is the first book in the series Yes, Sam Takes Care of me.
Sam a jealous provider and protector who simultaneously gives and takes away in this tale of five female friends sharing in the trials and humiliations of having a relationship with the same person.THE WOMEN OF THE HILL

The Women of the Hill "The Women of the Hill" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

The Fishing Trip-A Trial by Water, Execution, and a Deliverance of Retribution

 When do you cross the line from being the 'hero' to be coming the
monster? Set in Shiningbal, Texas where the perverted go to disappear; sexual abuse of children is the norm and when the legal system only increases the violation, this isn't the time for redemption to play nice. Married and mom of one, Penny Brooks aids the town's avenger to save those in need. The Fishing Trip
 What really goes through the mind after a night on The Fishing Trip ? Can it ever be 'life as usual', again?
Penny finished clearing the dishes to the sounds of her husband and son gathering their things and leaving the house. At the final slam of the front door she rushed up the stairs and into the bedroom to gather her clothes from the night before. After arriving home in the early hours, she’d only had time to strip in the hallway and push the damp smelly clothes under the huge wardrobe in the corner of the room, before slipping into the shower.  She hadn’t dared wear them to walk all the way across the bedroom to the bathroom in case Josh would have awakened and questioned her wet dank presence. She'd been frightened out of her wits when she’d heard him peek into the bathroom, but pretended she hadn’t and when she slid into bed, he just pulled her close and never questioned. She knew the lack of interrogation wouldn’t continue because his natural instinct as well as his profession as a police detective, always caused him to want to be in the know of everything.

      Holding the reeking pile of clothes as far away from her body as her outstretched arms would allow, she tried not to wretch as she rushed back down the stairs, through the kitchen and garage to the edge of the street where she dumped the bundle into the trashcan at the end of the yard.
 Hopping back to the house through the grass on naked toes, wet from the rains from the night before. As she closed the door to the kitchen she could hear the clanging mechanical sounds of the garbage truck coming around the corner and thanked God for making everything work in her favor. She moved to push her hair away from her face but stopped short at the whiff of decay on her finger tips and gagged.

      “Ack, my hands stink,” she gagged again. “And my stomach is too damned weak for this kind of thing.” She scrubbed her hands under the kitchen faucet. “I better take another shower and get the hell on off to work.”

      Under the shower, the feel of water from the dead body hitting the murky depths played over and over again in her mind. Pressing home the fact she would be useless out in the field in such a state.

      Even though she knew the necessity of the fishing trips and had gladly fallen into the procedure, the act of premeditated murder would sometimes spark a flame of guilt. True she had never been part of the final elimination of breath, but her presence was in essence the reason the perpetrator was there. Scrubbing hard at her breast she shuddered at the remembered touch of last night’s victim’s hand as it had pushed under her sweater. Looking at her skin she noticed the scratches she hadn’t seen the night before and cursed. She would now have to make up a story to keep Joshua from going left. It was bad enough she was lying to him about the emergency night calls and making him worry about her safety, without having to make up an explanation for the unnecessary wounds.

      Last night was a nightmare she never wanted to relive. It was the closest she had ever come to being raped when dealing with one of the pedophiles. He had been a huge, cruel and insensitive man and she had given a sigh of relief when his body disappeared in the whirlpool of Clear Lake’s waters. Most of the other creeps tried to use a gentle cajoling method to seduce her, believing her to be a child of 15 or 16, but this guy had been a pig. From the time she and Durham had met at the assigned place the guy had been all over her. The plan had been for Durham to pretend to be her boyfriend and arranger of the meeting. They were to get the guy in the car and to the woods as quick as possible, but from the start it had gone awry.

     Sitting in the backseat with the perpetrator Penny had immediately been made aware the guy was a violent type of pervert who got his kicks from the brutality of the sexual act he would force on a child. He had thrown her on her back and practically had her pants off before the car was shifted into drive.
Totally engrossed in the fight to protect herself she was unaware of Durham pulling over or getting in the backseat. One minute she was in a struggle for her life and the next she was sucking in the last putrid gusts of breath the creep gasped. Durham lifted the man's dead weight off of her and pushed him to the floor without saying a word until he was back behind the steering wheel.

      "Do you ever get tired of doing this Durham?" Feeling as if she would break down and cry, Penny kept her head down and out of his field of vision possible through the rear view mirror.

      "Listen, Penny. You can stop anytime you want. This is more dangerous for you than it is for me. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Hell, you wonder if I get tired. Hell yeah I do, but the laws especially in Shiningbal give me no choice. I can’t sit around and let men like that scum continue to prey on defenseless children and get away with it. I’m sure if a common person were to find out about what I am doing they would be torn between two minds. One side would negate me into the role of a murderer while the other side, the more truthful side, would applaud me for taking a stand and ridding the world of useless and dispensable trash.

      Just think how we have saved the sanity and sanctity of three little children and you will be able to make it through the rest of the night. This guy had been married three times and in each marriage it has ended the same. He rapes and brutalizes the children. Tortures them mentally and just moves on. He plotted his own destiny. And if I forget my reason for why I continue my mission, I just back up and remember my childhood and a little girl who never had a chance. Men like him make me want to run up and down the street shooting their kind without a second thought. Just imagine him on top of those little children, bastard."

      Closing her eyes for a moment, she didn’t have to imagine. The fear during those moments would remain in her mind forever. The weight and the determination of the guy had frightened pure hell out of her. She'd adjusted her clothing and climbed over the front seat uncaring that the car was traveling at break neck speed. She just wanted to be as far away from the dead body as possible in the confines of the car. She had been put with Durham a few times, but had never felt any inkling of danger. Every other guy had seemed harmless both in appearance and mannerisms. Their 'trade mark' as Durham called them. Though she much preferred dealing with the mild mannered perpetrators she didn't know how much longer she would be able to play judge, jury, or executioner. It was all getting hard to stomach.
The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution: "The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

: Ribbons & Belle  W anting something so badly, tears flow.
Anabelle Lee carefully slotted the test tubes into their assigned spots. The gray matter rising from the liquid nitrogen in the vacuum lined tanks, gave her the urge to cough, but she dared not. Any amount of germs had the potential of contamination and death to the minute life forms. At least, that’s how she felt.

Closing the lid to the container, she pushed the required buttons, locked the precious vials and lowered them to safety. With one last look over her shoulder before leaving the room, Anabelle sighed and closed the door. She hadn't realized she was crying until her friend and fellow embryologists, slid a wad of Kleenex into her hands.

"Belle, why do you do this to yourself? I just don't understand. No one coming in here deserves a child more than you. You know all of the risks, you see the donor lists and can have your pick. Call your gyne for counseling and set yourself up for In Vitro or artificial insemination."

"I want to, but I don't want to be disappointed. I’m not sure I’m ready for another heartache."

"I can understand your feelings after everything you’ve been through and that sorry assed husband of yours leaving right after you lost the baby. He didn’t even hang around long enough to see her buried. But that was three years ago. He's moved on with life, married someone else and has a baby of his own. You deserve that same kind of happiness.

Go out, pick you a live body and either get you some and have you a baby or count up your pennies and splurge on a test tube. Here,” Sunny riffled through the pockets of her scrubs, pulling out hands full of change and paraphernalia, sorting through to put the coins on the desk and push in Belle’s direction.“Here’s seventy-five cents, to start the fund."

Belle, choked and giggled at the same time, which ended up sounding like an animal being tortured and caused her to end up wobbling in her chair and banging against the desk from laughter
"God, you're so crass, Sunny. You make it sound as if I'm walking into the cosmetic aisle of any mass market store and picking out a tube of lipstick."

"Well, having the right tube is just as important as having the perfect shade of color on your lips. You know, that batch you just locked into that frozen pits of a tundra, does have one of the best specimens. Or you can simply pluck him from his office, drug him, take him home, and tuck him into your bed. Not to sleep of course. The two...”

“Stop, that’s just a stupid rumor, I’m sure. Something to keep the nurses speculating. Anyway we practically work together. I can’t use him like that.” Annabelle straightened herself under the desk and began ticking the keys of the computer. “Besides, who says he would go anywhere with me?”

“Anabelle Lee,” Sunny slapped a folder on the desktop, as close to Belle’s hand as she could without hitting her. Sending the coins flying in all directions as they hit the floor. “You only pay attention to what you want to see. I’m telling you what I see every time Tyson Ribbons comes in here. A guy with the most piercing baby blue, bedroom eyes. Somewhere I bet he would love for you to be with him. You, on the other hand, never get a peek at the lustful glances he sends your way when he walks up, because you stick your head behind a folder or run into another room, as soon as you notice him in the building.”

“No, I don’t. Not intentionally.”

“Yes, you do. If you think I’m wrong, prove it to me. Stay right where you are because the oh so cute, Dr. Ribbons is turning the corner.”

The smack of her head to the edge of her chair as she dived to the floor, combined with the loud laughter cracking the silence of the quiet hallway, let Belle know she’d been tricked.

Shaking off Sunny’s offered hand, Annabelle tried to use her elbows on the seat of the chair to pull herself up. Nearly falling face first. Knees sliding across the linoleum, as she held on, chasing the mockingly rolling chair
."Ribbons & Belle" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

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