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Control. There are millions of Valeries in the world & they all live one life. #short stories #women #chiclit #drama #romance #comedy

                   Enjoy the second snap in the life of a:        

Living the Hell Outta Life...
There are millions of Valeries in the world & they all live one life.

A little girl who wants to be a super hero,
An elderly lady mourning the death of Amy Winehouse,
Friends willing to shoot each other for a chance at a fortune,  
and many others, join to share snaps into their lives through a collection of short treasures.
About females of all ages, race, and stations in life-
Each have one thing in common, their name is Valerie.


Valerie’s suburban life takes a sudden change.. Is it for the better?

Valerie Amore dropped her head to the desktop at the cloying sing-song version of  her name.

She hated it when her younger sisters did that. It was their way of teasing and pricking her nerves an annoyance tool used whenever they saw Jacob coming or leaving his house.As much as she hated herself for doing it, she pushed back her chair, and rushed to the window. Standing behind the curtains to drool at his back as he walked away. At least she hoped he would be walking away. The last time this routine was done, she'd ended up staring straight into his beautiful blue eyes and catching the remnant of his gorgeous smile. Remnants of it,  because he was forced to drop his hand when she'd been too stunned to return his wave. She'd stood there, embarrassed at being caught and humiliated by the fact, he'd heard her sisters then saw her in the window.
The gig was up. Now it was obvious, Jacob knew what the song of her name was about and it had him practically slinking out of his own front door - that is, when he wasn't slipping out the back, strolling through the fields before appearing two doors down and in the neighbors yard. How humiliating.
Moving as far behind the curtains as possible she dared to peek and was immediately dumbfounded to see Jacob,  standing with hands on hips staring straight into her window. His hand gestures of pointing to the house then ground, getting her full attention. Was the house on fire? Letting her curiosity get the better of her she moved into full view. She could almost read his lips. "Come down here?"

"Me?" She mouthed. Going speechless when he nodded. Yet she couldn't move.

When the doorbell rang and her little sisters came pounding and rolling up the stairs like a kennel of excited pups,  she stood frozen, until they yanked her by the hands. Almost pushed her over the banister in their rush to get her downstairs.  Her shrieking to stop, quieting as soon as she was planted near his feet.

"I thought we could take a walk." Jacob's smile pinned her to the floor.

Valerie nearly blurted, how she would follow him to the ends of the earth, but caught herself as her mom entered the room, drying her hands on her apron.
"So, Jacob Donnelley. You finally made it over.” Valerie’s mom was not known for her tact. Didn't care which or how old the child,  how embarrassing it would be for them,she always said what came to mind. "Take her for a walk, but don't try anything funny. Bring her back pregnant and I'll burn your house down with you and your entire family in it."

Jacob laughed. “You go ahead, M'ame. They're all assholes, anyway. Me I play straight. Valerie and I will walk to the park, sit on the swings and get to know each other. You can even send these little pests to keep an eye on us. I just want to get to know your oldest daughter." He helped Valerie put on her jacket. "Gotta warn you though, I don't play with noisy little girls." He squinted at her sisters jumping and begging their mom to be allowed to go, and turned his smile into a fearsome scowl. "I push them into oncoming traffic."
 Valerie' s mom laughed. Leaving the room through the nearest door exiting to the kitchen. Tossing instructions to her younger daughters to either go watch TV or be confined to their rooms.


"You can’t honestly be serious, Jacob."

"Valerie sat at her vanity table putting the finishing touches on her makeup. This was their 10th year anniversary,  the guest (or so he thought) were already downstairs and Jacob, nonchalantly, stood behind her right shoulder declaring his desire for a divorce.

Valerie shook her head and with trembling hand, put the mascara brush on the vanity surface . Releasing the weapon before she followed her burning, natural retaliatory instinct, and rammed it into his eye. Her overwhelming urge was to kill him, but instead, she did what she always did, she gave in. Smoothing any stray strands of the over processed blond hair- gone were the red tresses of her youth- his preference, Valerie stood, gave him a hug, and followed his lead for the conversation. That's how it had been from the day he entered her mother's house on her 18th birthday. Jacob had run her fucking life.

So far, everything had been perfect, expensive wedding, gorgeous 2 million dollar home, cars, everything he had wanted. He was college educated, he had the job, and she stayed home pretending to be the perfect middle class wife. They had everything his heart desired. No school for her, she was too beautiful to worry her little brain on drudgery. She was to wait until he finished and started a business. No job for her, it was his responsibility to make and bring in money. She could do a little boutique or something once he was established, never happened.  He didn't want his wife to turn into a bitch like his mom or a sarcastic harpy like her Mom. No kids for them before ten years of marriage. He didn't want irritating little cling-ons like her sisters, trailing him like starving puppies. And now he was telling her the marriage was over.

"Tell me Jacob, what brought this on? We are living life exactly as you planned it. What has changed?"

"I have. I decided I don't want to live like this anymore.  Everything is too predictable. I no longer want to know whats  going to happen next - at every given second. Nothing is spontaneous." He entered the beautifully arranged, walk-in closet and she followed him. For a moment,Valerie watched quietly as he searched through his array of ties, held one up to his neck and then gave it to her to put on him. Through force of habit, she complied. When finished, she ran her hand down it’s length,stopping when her palm reached his heart.

"Bullshit Jacob, this is what you wanted. You’ve done whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. This is the life you pounded out day after day.You are the one, who planned every iota of our movements. All the way to tonight’s party." As Valerie spoke, she used the elements of surprise, speed, and the weight of her 6 feet, 130 pound body to push Jacob through the entrance of the sound proof "safe-room" situated at the back of the closet. Shutting the door and quickly fingering in the code to disable the power that would sustain the room. “Here’s one little thing you forgot while you were planning- I can read and make plans of my own. The next time you plan on trying to destroy another person’s life, try not to write it down.”

The room was a little extra something she'd had the man add when he was designing and installing the space. A holding cell or a safe room, if need be. Not to kill him, but to scare the living shit out of him. After thirty minutes, the timer would kick on, keep him locked in for a couple of days and then the door would open. He desired surprise and spontaneity?  Well, this would be his time. Jacob had no choice but to sit in the stocked, prepared room and contemplate on the errors of his ways. Her prerecorded voice would recite them over and over,  she'd made sure of that. Nothing like eating your own words.

Jacob was an egotistical fool. More of a fool than he thought she was. What else do you call a man who wrote in a journal and used it as a confidant he believed no on would have access to? What else do you call a man who would leave his wife home day after day, sometimes for days at a time, and then would leave said journal under his pillow? She'd learned a lot. Learned about his true feelings for her and how he courted and married her just to have a legitimate reason to get away from his home life and have sex with her whenever he wanted. Ten damned unnecessary years, just to have sex with the “popular,’ girl. To use her as a foil for his drug dealing nefarious life. He’d written how he never planned on giving her children and how he planned on leaving her high dry and totally broke. He'd even gotten a kick out of the idea of  humiliating her in front of the guests, with the announcement of the divorce and the lying bomb he thought she was gay.

Well, that shit wasn't going to happen. Why ruin her life when he could just leave? Typical Jacob. He didn't want her and didn't want her happy with anyone else either.

Standing in the light of the closet, where Valerie knew he could see her on the strategically placed monitor, she slowly undressed.  Beyond the facade of a wonderful life, she had enjoyed a  great sexual relationship with Jacob and knew he was as entrapped with it as she was. She did everything in front of him to entice and frustrate him. Last, she removed the blond wig from her head, shaking loose the near waist length of her natural red curls. Holding the prop, to the window, she waved it in his face. “The last straw to me being your tool was this, I refuse to let you have control of every aspect of my life. More fool you, for believing you had my will in the grip of your fist.”

Dressed in a more casual outfit, Valerie grabbed her previously packed suitcases and left the room.
As she walked down the stairs, she shared a smile with the moving men. Everything in the house had been sold as had the house, and many of the cars. The monies from the sales, half of his assets withdrawn and placed in her account under her new name.  She was about to enjoy the hell outta life.

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