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Remember My Name- Ey Wade #BeadsOnAString #thingslegendsaremadeof
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February,  that month of love. Searching, reaching, hoping someone would value you enough to give you flowers and candy or just a little attention.

What about self love? What about validating yourself even if you have a significant other?
What about prooo-mooo-tion, if you are an artist or business?

I'm gonna fall in love with me for a while, what about you? Who or what will be your absorption?

This has been a joyful, better month for me than in forever. I had a chance to join a few Facebook events, share and give away my newest romance novel- (let me know if you would like a review copy), enlighten the world on America's 365 Black history, and have been able interview authors to promote others .

Bet you didn't know who I was or that you would never forget my name- Ey Wade, *Entertaining Your World and Designing Eternity *
Well, now you know.
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Beads in a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History & all of my
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Write down a couple of quick notes to let me know in:

  • what ways did this post or blog hold or lose your attention?
  • Is there a way I can enhance it visually?
  • Did you find any interest in the featured book?
  • What social network would be best for you to share this information?

  • I'd love it if you told me your answers in the comments below so I can know how to serve my readers.
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    Book Marketing

    Book Marketing

    Reach Your Promotional Goals- LaShaunda Hoffman

    Reach Your Promotional Goals- LaShaunda Hoffman
    For the Love of Marketing

    Publishing Info You Need to Know

    Publishing Info You Need to Know

    About the Craft of Fiction & Writing

    Submissions. Published to Death

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    Book Marketing Buzz

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    Build Book Buzz
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    Internet Radio Interviews. Your Chance to Hear Me Live

    Internet Radio Interviews. Your Chance to Hear Me Live
    Sometimes I'm nervous.

    Chatting With Nefertari

    Chatting With Nefertari
    Really easy going. Comfy.

    Ey on Cypher's Den

    (Pinterest)Interviews With Bloggers

    (Pinterest)Interviews With Bloggers
    See Ey Hear Ey

    Giggling With Joey

    Giggling With Joey
    This fellow is so funny.

    1st Visit With Joey Giggle's on Authors Nook

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    Second Intervew with Ey Wade by Joey Giggles

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