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This is me.

This is me.
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Reader's Giving Kudos

Reader's Giving Kudos
They like me. They really like me.
"Looking forward to reading more of Ey Wade's books!"Janet Brown

"Ms. Wade, WOW, that's my feeling right now, after reading your book...I will be reading more of your work. "Cassondra

"Ey Wade takes words and paints the picture..." SeaWitch

"Ey Wade is a talented author and I definitely will be reading more of her work and expecting more good works from her."Lisa

Ey Wade is genius! Keke Chanel

The first book I read by my next author spotlight blow me away. The way she intertwined her characters and the powerful message it conveyed caught me by a pleasant surprise. I experienced so many emotions reading the book, I didn’t understand why. Not until I realized one of the characters hit too close to home. Life happens. It will be okay. These are the things Ey’s book zapped me with. Since then, I have become a fan. Her writing style is different, different meaning, off the charts! Once you read one, you won’t be able to stop until you read them all. Kickin’ It With KeKe…

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE
Romance to Squeeze Your Heart

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL
D.N.A-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE
Fixes the Fault in the Stars


Sharing Parenting/Homeschooling Tips

I Write Book Reviews

I Write Book Reviews
Do you want your book reviewed?


Grab Your Popcorn


In My Sister's World series

Children's Favs

Children's Favs
The Amazing Jett(jet)


There are millions of them

Hi, I'm So Glad Stopped In....

I Write, I Breathe

I am a writer....a master and protector of words.'Like a knife, words should be handled carefully. They can cut deeply, the wound may never heal, and the scar can remain for an eternity.' ~Ey Wade


So, since you are here, why don't you take a peek through each door and visit a couple of my blog sites.Bang on THE DRUMS and view book trailers. Touch THE BUG to go to my parenting site. Any and everything you want to know about Ey Wade /Wade-In Publishing, you learn by a few easy clicks. Email me at


Beads on a String- nonfic.
I post on Tuesdays on this blog to share blogs/articles I like. It tells you who I am, gives writing tips and ample information and of course blatantly markets the e-books I've published.

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)
Interviews with other authors, too.


Read interviews from some outstanding authors & their novel's characters.
Enjoy intimate, light hearted conversations with the characters from many of the stories in my ebooks. A way to really get to know the people you read about. They talk on Wednesdays and Fridays. Have fun reading the interviews with the characters.

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility
Companion Novels

Ey on Amazon

Ey on Amazon
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My Book Store Is...

My Book Store Is...
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Those Who Jump Out of the Boat

Feel Free to Turn Off Interview Below

It comes on automatically and I haven't figured out how to turn it off. But my interview on the show was great. Starts at 3:52

Fun Interview With Cinnamon Rein

Where's My Damned Cape? I Will Be My Own Hero #amwriting #ammarketing #thingslegendsaremadeof

As I  scoured the social networks this morning, I realized I was focusing on a theme. Unconsciously bypassing articles and reading the ones pertaining to business. The points of failure, that makes you into a success.
As a published author with a stack of manuscripts waiting their turn at press, I sometimes longed for a traditional publisher- one that would help me be a success  and not simply feed my ego. Been there(with small press), done that and it is not what its cracked up to be. *shudders*

Did you know there are way too many small publishers popping up and older well established business all fighting for the same thing?

You, me,  the next best seller. I admit, I read through their submission processes, what they're looking for, and they all read the same. Neither is offering anything different or more spectacular than the other. 

Neither will be able to make you famous and keep you famous- it all hinders on you.

You are that key. So,  if they can market you, promise you the world, (which they actually don't) why can't you, me- as a publishing company in my own right, not do the same for myself? Who better to focus on my success, than me?

Today, Wade-In Publishing has a new client. She will receive the publishing standard Gold package where all attention is focused on her success and marketing. She will not be left to go it alone.  Stay tuned as we go from newbie to best seller. She just better know, she gotta work, work, work, work, work.

So,  I have tentatively prepared a promotional package. Pop Over and see my DIRECT Sales page.
  • First was to submit the latest books into online websites. Beginning with the free ones. 
  • Then a couple of months of die hard promotions.
  •   5-10 blog stops. If I can secure more, I'll do that. My first place to look was on my Pinterest board- See Ey, Hear Ey and reach out to former supporters.
  • Blog stops includes interviews and or guest post
  • Social media blast (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +)
  • Five (5) Live Author Interviews on Blog Talk Radio, hopefully that will add up to 60 days/2 months- These possible venues were also researched using my Pinterest board.
  • I intend to set myself up a Personalized (fan page) tour page so my guest can peek it out.
  • I have my Media Kits prepared because they each have specifics pertaining to each book. . It contains (author bio, author photo (optional) trailer, book cover, teaser, social media links, buy links)
  • I have also set up a sales page where each book may be purchased directly from me. Links are also on the blogs for each book. 
Sounds like a lot of work , but I have my cape, and the dedication to work it out.
As a self-promoter, what are the ways you help push your work?
Online contacts:
Amazon Central Author Page:

Discussion on #newarrivals Ismet's Honor and Ribbons & Belle #IVF #Infertility #endingwantedpregnancies #abortion

Ismet's Honor and Ribbons &Belle dive deep into the controversy of abortions, infertility,  the usage of IVF and the questions of father's rights. In today's society, organizations, government and angry argumentative individuals who have no personal stake in the choices women make for their lives, spend their every waking moment fighting to control what is, in essence, not their business.
 Not matter what we see played out in media where every pregnancy and woman is lumped into one pile and dealt with accordingly, the individual woman(little girl) and her story is ignored. 

Ismet's Honor and Ribbons & Belle bring us into the scenarios that are often overlooked. Nothing is as it seems and no matter what the drooling lynch mobs want to shout, sometimes we need to move into the quiet, step back from our preconceived, religious, personal beliefs and see what's really going on.

In Ribbons &Belle  and Ismet's Honor, the circumstances for abortions, infertility treatments and the other detrimental decisions are faced with huge doses of reality. The reviews are coming in and each book has received positive feedback.


By Angelia Menchan 

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ribbons and Belle, every luscious and poetic read. Ey Wade has the gift of drawing the reader in allowing them to experience her characters. I felt and knew Belle and was with her on this journey."

A Story That Will Stay With You. By Jude P "This is a heartbreaking story of loss and making controversial decisions. It is not always easy to read but you will love Belle and Tyson. Their story grabs you and pulls you in. You want them both to have their 'happy ever after' but can't see how it can happen. Stay with the story. You will fall in love with Tyson. Here is a man who can give women the child they long for. He has it all but the one woman he truly wants escapes him. Belle has not had an easy time. She is damaged and needs healing. We know the man who can help her heal but she is unsure. Her best friend Sunny is someone that you want in your life. I want more of her story and I am so excited that she has been given one. Ey's writing has clarity and eloquence. We are taken on a journey that seems effortless but tears you apart. You will not be disappointed in this story. Highly recommended the end."

Anita "The story of Tyson and Belle grips you from the first page to the very end. This is a story about love, choices and forgiveness. Belle and her sister Sunny suck you into their silly quirky lives. Once you learn about their history you can't help but cheer for Belle and the course she has charted for her life. Tyson is the man to heal her wounded soul but will Belle allow him to do so.
Ey has written a beautiful story that delves into one of the toughest decision a woman could ever have to make. She tells the story with great clarity and knowledge. Grab some tissues and enjoy the journey."

Kindle customer "Infertility and abortion are two heavy topics to handle in a work of fiction well I couldn't do it. Ey Wade has done an outstanding job telling Tyson & Belle's road to family and relationship. Although a bit awkward at first it is a very enlightening story told from different perspective and circumstances. Well written and engaging. Very happy that I read this book! Approach reading this ready to start conversations because you will be talking about it long after the last page!!!"

"Ribbons & Belle" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


By Jude P "Belle and Tyson's story in Ribbons and Belle was heartbreaking but love won through in the end. Sunny was there for Belle but there was so much that we were not told about her. So many unanswered questions. Now her story has been told and what a story it is! Ey Wade has done it again. This story will break your heart, make you angry, gasp and most definitely root for Ismet and Sunny. Another difficult subject is tackled in this story. We get to see the other side of paternity, the father's side and their rights to their children. Ismet is their hero who fights for their rights. He is a man who is a product of what life has thrown at him. He is the best man for the job. Sunny's life has not been the best and she has suffered at the hands of the people who should have cared for her. She has had to fight for the life she has. Sunny and Ismet should be together but there are so many deep rooted obstacles that you cannot see them achieving what they both want. Ey's writing has the effect of wringing every emotion from you. I loved this story. You will too."

"Ismet's Honor" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

When Being Barren Empties Your Soul #rainbowbabies #infertility #IVF #abortion

  I love reader's! They take chances when reading the work of authors. This isa huge deal because words have the power to change lives ans ways of thinking. "Just finished reading "Ribbons & Belle! Wonderful story! You covered a lot of fertility issues! So glad I was brave enough to read it!

Many women have to face the fact they may never have children. I don't know that feeling, but I do know the emptiness and guilt of having one and it leaving not many hours,  later. These emotions are painful and things  I wish no woman had to go through.

 I read an article here, the other day that expressed and offered support. Join their Facebook or visit their website Still Standing Magazine

Other women, live with the undeniable feeling, their wanted child is standing at Heavens door, just waiting to be born. Hand picked by their siblings in heaven. Their "rainbow," baby. This is the term used for the first child who is born and survives after (a) miscarriages, the heartbreak of a child being born asleep, or the trauma of a child dying from illness or accident. 

This rainbow baby is the long awaited filler of the soul. Not  a replacement, but a loved, long awaited blessing to the heart of the family. Here, you can find support groups to help you through the wait.


As I traveled the net I came across many groups that offer services and support. I'm glad to have learned of these sites. In the U.K. They have The Saying Goodbye Services are the first national set of remembrance services for people who have lost a child at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether the loss be recent or 80-years ago.

In Ribbons & Belle, Anabelle Lee contemplates her actions in trying to achieve her dreams of having a child of her own. It's a beautiful story, receiving pretty good reviews.  Take a peek into a very hard scene.
Gorgeous, dedicated fertility counselor Tyson Ribbons, has admired and loved embryologist, Anabelle “Belle” Lee for along time. When she comes in for counseling he fights everything within him not to deter her from her plans.
Doesn’t stop his heart from wishing it could be him fulfilling her desire.

Anabelle Lee, mourning her inability to have a child of her own-suffered through two miscarriages, a heartbreaking late-term abortion, and a soul crushing divorce. As an embryologist, she has protected the potential life of many frozen specimens, and lived envious of the women choosing InVitro fertilization as their form of reproduction.
After a bit of encouragement from her best friend, and counseling from the very perfect Dr. Ribbons, Anabelle takes steps to fulfill her desire to become a mother.
Problem is, the announcement brings more of a shock than a gift. Purchase here


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Enjoy This Gift
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Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent


Internet Radio Interviews. Your Chance to Hear Me Live

Internet Radio Interviews. Your Chance to Hear Me Live
Sometimes I'm nervous.

Ey Through the Looking Glass

Check Out Family Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Socialbutterfli Connection on BlogTalkRadio

Visiting Kim Smith on Writer Groupie

A fun, friendly, relaxed interview. Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Writer Groupie on BlogTalkRadio

"A Saturday Night Special" with John T. Wills

Ey on "A Saturday Night Special With John T. Wills
CLICK HERE and enjoy Ey WadeHe's Interview with John T Wills Book Tree on A Saturday Night Special

Chatting With Nefertari

Chatting With Nefertari
Really easy going. Comfy.

Ey on Cypher's Den

Listen to Ey Wade with Nefertari Baraka on Blog Talk Radio

Interviews With Bloggers

Interviews With Bloggers
See Ey Hear Ey

The Reading Circle Interview

Giggling With Joey

Giggling With Joey
This fellow is so funny.

Ey on The Author's Nook

Listen to Ey Wade with Joeygiggles on Blog Talk Radio

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