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This is me.

This is me.
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I Write, I Breathe

I am a writer....a master and protector of words. "Like a knife, words should be handled carefully. They can cut deeply, the wound may never heal, and the scars may remain for an eternity. Or they can be used to make space to plant a seed - where fruition births legacy and feeds generations on hope, goodness, and love of humanity." ~Ey Wade

Reader's Giving Kudos

Reader's Giving Kudos
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"Looking forward to reading more of Ey Wade's books!"Janet Brown

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"Ey Wade is a talented author and I definitely will be reading more of her work and expecting more good works from her."Lisa

Ey Wade is genius! Keke Chanel

The first book I read by my next author spotlight blow me away. The way she intertwined her characters and the powerful message it conveyed caught me by a pleasant surprise. I experienced so many emotions reading the book, I didn’t understand why. Not until I realized one of the characters hit too close to home. Life happens. It will be okay. These are the things Ey’s book zapped me with. Since then, I have become a fan. Her writing style is different, different meaning, off the charts! Once you read one, you won’t be able to stop until you read them all. Kickin’ It With KeKe…


Beads on a String- nonfic.


There are millions of them

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE
Romance to Squeeze Your Heart

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE
Fixes the Fault in the Stars

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility
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In My Sister's World series

Children's Favs

Children's Favs
The Amazing Jett(jet)

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL
D.N.A-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)
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Marketing Monday Mania- Gotta put a little "P" in it. #amwriting #marketing

  P is for… Pursuing the Possible

Perhaps the chase begins at the moment of the first perfect poom poom of our newly developed heartbeat.

From that first blood rushing introduction into life we have kicked, punched, and struggled against the bounds to reach our goals. Pulled from the warmth of our mother's body we began our quest for pure happiness.

 Stand tall, believe in what you want and go for it, which brings us to the letter ‘P’, one of my favorite letters of the alphabet. It stands between the two fattest letters O and Q, Opportunity and Quitter and yet it always looks forward.

What other letter is so powerful in its form and design? Back straight and face determinedly looking ahead. Following the 15th of his eldest sibling, 'O' (opportunity) with the knowledge and undeterred faith that wherever there is opportunity, anything is possible.

If you want to be an author and it doesn’t seem as if the traditional form of publication stands behind you, pull out your pen and paper, write your prose and become your own publishing company.
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If you want to home school your children, just do it. Who better than you to know what your child needs? From experience I know people will be against you. Pounding you with old tired clichés of what the children will miss when it comes to socialization and the quality of education. Just show them the stats for the "traditional" school system and laugh.

If you want to be a parent and the partner of your choice just hasn’t shown up….ahhh, the realms of possibility pursue you. Adopt or use Invetro Fertilization. The Topic of my new WIP- Ribbons & Belle.

 Anything is possible in this day and age. I am determined to follow opportunity and refuse to look back and into the snickering face of a big fat Q.

So, blog, use social networks, get out and meet people... market yourself, don't fail yourself. Nothing follows failure (F) but grief (G).
What kind of things do you do to market yourself?

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    A New Look At America's #History- Beads on a String~Seeing It in All Colors #thingslegendsaremadeof

    Trailer for Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History

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    Yes, I'm One of Those Mommy~Lovey (grandmothers) #parenting #homeschooling

     I love this thought he believes for himself.

    “…I might be two things.” He thought a little longer and said, “I might be a lot of things.”

    Yes, I am a grandmother. Lovely to my Jett Parker Ellington and mommy to his mom.

    I'm so excited about the things she is doing with him, with his education. With the expansion of his HUGE four
    year old brain and his humongous personality.

    I believe in hands on and free learning. The natural way of gaining and retaining information.
    I also believe in applauding people I see doing good jobs. Not saying this fellow is an angel-no, he's a total real boy with busted knees and lips. Has been from day one, which is why I call him Pinoch. No strings hold him back.
    But his mom is doing an outstanding job when it comes to letting him be the person he is meant to be. His joy and thirst in learning is phenomenal

    She's homeschooling him as I did with her and her sisters. She has a lovely post on his blog at  Happy Adventures of Preschool Boy   

     "J likes science, caterpillars and butterflies, horses, fast cars, rhyming games, silly bits of poetry and though he says he doesn’t like insects, he’s always looking for them. He has a funny talent for bird calling, an eye for the tiny details, and an enthusiasm and a laugh that’s contagious.
    We’re making up this schooling thing as we go along but I can guarantee you that it will includes all the things little things he loves and more. There are days where we lay on the floor and write our letters, or where we take some time to learn on the computer but more often than not, we like to be hands-on and right in the middle of what we’re learning.
    I’m hoping that a freedom to learn and indulge and in his interests in his early years will lead to a deep confidence and personal freedom as he grows. I’m also hoping that he and I will have several fun adventures along the way." ~ G.Wade -Adventures of Preschool Boy

    They also share so much more on their Tumblr and Facebook page.Articles, experiments, etc.
    via- GWade

    Enjoy this lesson on how to make Salt Dough from their YOUTUBE page.

    Sad little girls like the one in D.N.A., have heartbreak #comingofage stories

    Be Careful What You Wish For: Debney just wants to lose her virginity to her best friend, Giante', but all hell breaks lose.~ Debney's Journal reveals a lot.

    If only there was a way she could be the old Debney, she would take the chance in a heartbeat. But nothing was the same with her. She was sullen, angry and critical. She wished she could turn back the clock, delete the consequences from the party, erase the certainty of her parents’ deaths and resume living the miserable existence she had grown up in. The wretched drudgery and the daily knowledge of being unwanted and ignored were ten times better than living without her family.
    Of all the wishes to come true, why did she have to be granted the wish for them to die? Out of all the wishes she’d made within her entire life, the desire to eliminate her parents was the only one she now wished hadn’t come true. When she'd first realized she might be pregnant and wished for it to be a mistake even that had been denied. Slipping from her bed, she tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen. The child wasn’t born yet and already it had established an eating routine. It was four in the morning and time to feed the baby. Every two to three hours the baby demanded feeding, its miniscule movements squeezing and knotting her insides relentlessly until she would either have to eat something or succumb to being ill. After making the mistake and ignoring its demands a few times and suffering for it through nauseating, porcelain-hugging results, she now made sure to follow through with its commands.
     Debney grabbed a banana from the counter on her way to walking through the sliding glass doors to the patio, where she sat in the nearest chair and released her breath in a deep gush of relief. The warm, gentle breeze of the early morning air stirred the water of the pool. The six plastic chairs bobbed gently on its surface, comical and calming to her spirit. Looking around the deck she laughed a little at the sight of the scattered overturned chairs. She was never any good at playing games. As illogical as it would sound if voiced out loud, she blamed playing games for her present position. If it hadn’t been for the stupid idea of seducing Gianté or joining the game the boys wanted to play at her birthday party, she wouldn’t now be forced to eat a banana at four in the morning. Shaking her head at the memory of that night, she berated herself for not sticking to the plan she and Nadine cooked up together.
    They’d both known what she felt for Gianté went way beyond the friendship realm and that it was time to do something about it. As kids, they'd all hung out together like the Larry, Moe, and Curly of the TVland reruns, spending their days joking around and trying to make people laugh. To Nadine and Gianté, it had all been in fun, but to Debney it became her lifeline to sanity. When her parents went off on vacation and left her behind, she'd felt as if the line had snapped and only raw anger was left in its place. She wanted to do something to hurt them as much as they had hurt her. What possessed her to want to sleep with Gianté she didn’t know. It could have been the combination of almost always being together and the immense change in him.
    It could have been the actuality of one day her childhood friend, who was just a giant of a boy, returned to school after a summer away at football camp, built like a god and lusted after by every girl on campus. Or maybe it was the stupid promise the three of them made to lose their virginity only between themselves. Seeing the daily parade of hoochie girls vying for Gianté's attention, she knew it wouldn’t be long before he succumbed to their wiles so she decided it was time he kept his promise. And it was no surprise that when she told Nadine what she wanted to do, Nadine jumped right on board.
    Nadine thought of it as a big, romantic adventure and gushed through the entire planning of the night. Together they decided Debney would invite Gianté over on the pretext of celebrating her eighteenth birthday and they would have a romantic dinner before she and Gianté would toss their virginity away. In the end, the two girls and Gianté sat together watching a movie in the guest house and planned the night step by step. On the afternoon of her eighteenth birthday, Debney held out clothes for inspection as Nadine lay on the bed in Debney’s bedroom.
     "You keep looking at me and saying 'we' oddly when you talk about what’s going to go on tonight. You’re not thinking of having a threesome are you, Debney? Because it’s not gonna happen. I’m not ready to have sex yet." "No girl, that’s gross," Debney laughed. "I automatically think of us all as one, but this is going to be between me and Gianté tonight. When you’re ready then he’ll be there for you, of course. What do you think about these shoes with this skirt?"
    "It’s fine. Why do you need to get all dressed up? Just meet him at the door stark naked. No one else will be here and then you can get it over all the quicker." "Are you crazy? I want my first time to be memorable. Hold on let me go get something." She ran into her parents’ room and came back with a huge pair of diamond earrings. "What do you think of these?" She held one of the earrings to her ear and her hair up and out of the way. "I’m going to twist my hair up so he can see them sparkling in the candlelight."
    "Your mom will kill you if she knew you were even touching those." Debney laughed. "She would probably write me out of her will….as if I want anything from her." "You may as well wear her jewelry if you're going to do the do in her room." "I sure am and I'm going to leave the room a mess so she'll know exactly what went on. Bed unmade, earrings in the linen." "You just got that revenge thing all planned out, huh? What about what your dad will say?" "Hopefully he'll get over it."
     "Give up on it. No man wants to know his daughter had sex and especially not in his bed." Debney laughed. "He'll be alright. He doesn't sleep with her, anyway. Hasn't for--"
     "Whoa." Nadine held up her hands and waved them vigorously in the air. "Hey, that's way too much information there. I don't wanna know about their love life, let's just stay on you. Are you going to have candles and protection?"
     "Yep, of course I’m ready. I have the dining room all set. It will be just me and him here. If he wants he can stay all weekend or at least come back and forth. I know his mom will be watching from her perch at her living room window to make sure I don't do anything out of hand."
    "Are you sure he’s going to come?" "Yeah, I reminded him I was having a birthday party for myself because my family was going to be out of town and he'd better not let me down. He knows the full plan. I didn’t see a reason to hide anything."
     "So why does he have to stay the entire weekend? I thought we were going to take your new car to the beach and talk girl to girl."
     "I just thought it would be nice. We can go on Sunday afternoon, just me and you. On Monday, I have to take a stupid trip with the school. I’ll be gone two weeks and then there's the trip with Gianté's family--"
     "I know. And by the time you come back I'll be gone with my family. Your mom was really mean to pull that trick and not take you with them. I’d be really pissed."
     "I am beyond pissed at her. The last time I saw that woman I told her if I never see her again my life would be glorious. At least my dad cared enough to buy me an awesome new car. I’m still a little pissed at him for not standing up to her, but that's no more than expected. The car almost totally makes up for it. It's beautiful." "Sure is. My mom says your dad must really love you to spend money on a paint job like that. I've never seen a car with lace etchings." "He called it my chariot. It is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, let’s take a quick trip to the mall and show it off, then I’ll come back and get ready."
    After rushing to straighten the linen on the dining room table for the thousandth time and running back up the hallway and to the door in fear of having missed the ringing of the bell, she was a nervous wreck. At seven o’clock, too afraid to move far away from the door, Debney was anxiously pacing in the foyer waiting for Gianté to ring the bell. When she heard footsteps on the porch landing she swung open the door, freezing Gianté in the act of ringing the bell.
    He was not alone.

    #Thrillers with chicks like this. She wanted the kid- #daycare gave him to her.

    It was simple. She wanted him and she took him. Walked into his perfect little daycare center and he was practically pushed into her hands. Then the crazy started. (The Perfect Solution)

    left the room. She walked down the short hallway into the rear of the house and into a small bedroom. She looked around the room in satisfaction and pride. It was the only other bedroom in the house and she had designated it to Brhin. From the matching car/truck motif on the wall paper border and comforter on the racing car shaped bed, and to the shelf of toys against the wall showed that the entire room had been decorated with a little boy in mind.
     "Brhin will love it here. He'll be glad that I brought him home and he'll love this room when he sees it." She danced around in her joy.
    Her every thought and action in decorating the room had been geared by thoughts of Brhin. From the very first sight of him, four months previously and every day since, Brhin had become her reason for living. The first time she saw him she thought he seemed so cute putting in his breakfast order at the McDonald's across from her house. That 'little redhead' (she refused to even think of the skinny little woman as his mother) had been holding him at eye level to the cashier and he had stated his wishes in a clear concise manner.
    The cashier had giggled good-naturedly when Brhin insisted on ordering nuggets for breakfast and he had laughed along with her. Eaves dropping on their short conversation, she had gathered the information that Brhin and the cashier went through the same little drama every Saturday morning and she had silently chuckled along with them. Amused with the verbal exchange and entranced with the joy for life that the child exhibited, she had become enamored with him.
     From then on, it had become her business to be at the Mc Donald's on Saturdays when the 'little redhead' brought Brhin in for breakfast. She would sit in a different area and watch his every move. It was hard to pinpoint the exact day that had made her decide she wanted the child as her own, but deep in her soul she had known.
     The need to have Brhin had gotten so absorbing that she knew there was no way she could live without him. Saturday became the only day in the week that gave her reason to go on.

    Things like negligence in childcare, can make suspenseful #thrillers. Who's watching your child?
    Nothing Puts Fear in a Mother's Heart Faster Than a Missing Child~The Perfect Solution by Ey Wade. The Perfect Solution

    Catrine Teddi rolled onto her stomach and pulled the pillows until the mound under her head was a little higher. She didn’t bother to open her eyes because she was so tired and angry with herself for wasting her sleep dreaming of Austin. Time had changed nothing. The man was still her every thought after nearly four years. He was the last thought she had at night and the first thought to wake her. Sometimes the regret was so over whelming she would find herself reaching for her phone to call him.
     Lifting her congested pounding head from the half dozen pillows encased in their flowered patterned cases, she pulled a Kleenex from the matching tissue box hidden in the pillows. Rubbing the scented piece of paper under her dripping nostrils, she yawned, ruffled her hair and focused her sleepy eyes on the square face of the clock sitting next to the telephone.
    Six o'clock? Six o'clock. I can't believe it. Where is Phalene? She questioned the validity of her eyesight and the location of her sister within the same thought.
     "Jeez." She exclaimed out loud. "Have I been asleep all evening?" Continuing to talk aloud as was a habit when she was upset Catrine checked the time on the clock again. "I wonder why Phae hasn't brought Brhin home. She could have at least called to let me know that she would be keeping him at her house. Maybe she had called and I didn't hear the phone."
     Searching the table next to the bed, she saw the light flashing on the identification box sitting next to the phone. It showed that a call had come from The P.S. Center, but no message was on the answering machine. Phae, who could be an extremely impatient person, had probably started to call and didn't have time to leave a message.
     Pressing the buttons to activate the intercom system on the telephone and the programmed number that would dial her sister, Catrine pulled the blankets up to her neck and pressed her back into the pillows. Swiping at her nose and closing her eyes against the pain in her head, she waited for the answer.
    "Yes?" asked the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone line. "Hey," Catrine croaked. "Whatcha doin'?" She coughed to clear the phlegm from her throat. "I thought that you would have been here by now. You could have called."
    "Me, call?" Phae bellowed angrily. "I have been waiting for you to call and apologize." Brushing her nose with a fresh Kleenex and clearing her throat again, Catrine pushed herself into a semi-sitting position and adjusted the straps to her gown. "What do you mean 'apologize'? What do I have to apologize for? Brhin didn't tell that silly little thing I told him about Road kill this morning did he? I was only kidding it was a joke."
    "Brhin didn't tell me anything. I want you to apologize for having me drive twenty minutes across town to get your kid from that stupid, death trap of a...."
     "I hate it when you call The P. S. Center by that name." Catrine broke into the tirade. "Brhin loves it there. The center is very pretty and well equipped.”
     "That's all it is. You know how I feel about it, and you know how Frank feels. It is not a good place. You can't just go by the name, The Perfect Solution, ha." Phae's words sped out of her mouth in a tirade of irritation. Once she started on listing the faults of the center she was hard to stop. "None of the teachers have a clue as to why they’re there. The place is run in total chaos. You of all people, the owner of your own security firm should be worried about the way that center handles its business. They are so darn careless. What I want to know is how could you have me drive all the way across town to the center and then have Brhin not be there? I had to rush all the way back to this end of town so that I could get my girls from school. I was barely on time for the Girl Scout meeting and now dinner will be late. You know…"
    "What." Catrine screeched and sat ramrod straight in the bed. The roughness in her throat caused her voice to rasp."What are you saying? What do you mean he wasn't there? Where is Brhin, then?"
     "Isn't he there with you?"
     "No, oh my God, what are you saying?" Fear knotted Catrine's stomach and made her nauseous. "I wouldn't have asked you to get him if he wasn’t going to be there. Are you playing a joke on me? I am not well Phae. My head is killing me and I don't find this in the least bit funny. Put Brhin on the phone."
    "Are you serious, Cat?" The anxiety in Phalene's voice was clearly heard through the phone line. “I thought that you had gotten someone else to get Brhin. He's not here.”
     Catrine looked at the small double heart picture frame that held a picture of Brhin in one heart and a picture of herself and Brhin in the other and her own heart skipped a beat. Dragging nerveless fingers through her already mused hair, Catrine swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up slowly. Her head felt as if it was about to burst and the pain behind her eyes made her want to lie back down.
     "Who else would I send? Phae, you are kidding aren't you? This is a joke, right? This can't be real. My baby is sitting in your den playing with your crazy little dog, right?"
    "No, he isn't. Come on, Cat, think. You’ve been really sick, running a high fever, taking medication. Maybe you asked a friend to get Brhin for you and just forgot. The little thing that was supposed to be substituting in his class told me that a friend of yours had come and gotten him. I just assumed you had called Linda."
     "No, I called you last night why would I call anyone else? Anyway, Linda goes to college now. She hasn't even been here in over two weeks. I called you. I even sent a note to the school to make sure the workers knew you would be coming. I should have called those idiot people this morning like I started to, but my head was killing me. I didn't even get out of the car when I dropped him off this morning. I just kissed him good-bye, watched him go into the building, came home and crawled into bed. I haven't even had the strength to get out of the bed to go to the bathroom. That Julioux woman from the office opened the door for him. I saw him take the note out of his pocket to give to her as I had instructed him and she waved it away. I should have gotten out of the car and gone in, but all I could think about was getting in the bed. Oh, God. I think I am going to throw up."
     "Honey, breathe slowly. Try to calm down and think."

    I have to admit, a good #thriller like The Fishing Trip, hits the spot.
    Amazon link
    Emergence of a Hero. "The Fishing Trip" Horrors of childhood made Durham into the man he is today. ‪#‎thriller‬
     There's a thin line between monster & a hero. ~Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten. As an adult and tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, his fishing excursions are to die for. ~

    The thin giant of a man proffered his hand to the frightened child sitting in the huge overstuffed chair. The child was the only other person in the room and his demeanor was one of a terrified animal about to make a run for it. He refused to grasp the offered hand and decided to scoot back in the chair instead.

     “That’s okay son don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Mr. Easy moved back just a little.
     “So, before we figure out what I can do for you, will you tell me what you want to be called? I was informed by my assistant that you refuse to answer to your given name do you have one you would prefer?”
     “Can I really change my name?” The question held doubt and excitement in its pitch. “I’m sure that can be worked out if you’re sure that’s what you want.”
     “I’ve never wanted anything more. That person I used to be is gone like everyone else. There’s nothing here for me. There’s nobody who knows me or cares for me. I…. wanna change my name to Roman and move away. This town is the worst. I know there should be somewhere better. I know there should be somewhere….”He wiped a slow traveling tear from his cheek.
     “I understand. You don’t have to explain anything to me, son. I already know. I’m so sorry to hear about your little sister and the things the two of you went through. I wish I had been around before all of this happened. That bastard, I’m sorry…. I mean, Pugh had better be glad he disappeared.”
     “He didn’t have a choice.” Mr. Easy stood and moved to take a seat on the corner of the desk. He studied the boy’s angry countenance with interest. The boy had quickly snapped his lips shut behind the uttered words and turned his head so he didn’t have direct visual contact. “Do you have any idea where he might be? Or where your mom has gone? When was the last time you saw your mom?”
     “I don’t know nuthin’ about Mr. Pugh.”
     “Okay, let me tell you what I know. Your little sister had her accident and….”
     “It wasn’t an accident.” Roman interrupted sadly, his gaze down and studying the tips of his twisting and untwisting fingers.
    “I’m sorry I do know that. Your little sister was so sad she jumped out of the window.” He watched the child flinch at the words. “I think it would be easier on you if you remembered her fall as an accident.”
     “No, ‘cause she was the brave one. She knew she wanted to be free and she did something brave. She’s free now.”
    “What happened to Mr. Pugh after he took you to the cabin that night? He hasn’t been seen since.”
    “I don’t know what happened to him after that night. I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to spend the night with my little sister. She was cold and all alone and he made me go with him. I just wanted to be with my little sister. We got to the cabin before it was dark and he said I was being a big crybaby and he made me go to bed. He told me he was going to go to the little store up the road. I didn’t see him again.”
     “The police found the car thirty miles up the road. It had crashed into some trees.” The boy made no response. “I am so sorry you have to go through this Roman.” The boy looked up gratefully at the use of his requested name. “The police will continue looking for him so that he can be punished for what happened to your little sister and to you.”
    “You think he needs to be punished?”
     “Yes, I do.”
     “Do you think if someone did him something they should be punished?”
     “I can’t really say. It all depends. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. If something happened to Decatur Pugh and it was robbery, then the person should be punished.”
    “Could somebody who took a mean person and hurt them be a hero?”
     “Some people would think so. Sometimes life demands we take action and do something. Sitting around and letting bad things happen to good people can be seen as being part of the problem. Sometimes the adults of the world need to stand and say they’re tired of the horrendous crap and do something drastic. Don’t worry, Pugh will be found and made to pay for his crime.”
     “I’m not worried.”

    Real couples who take their time falling in love, have the best stories. #romance

    "Once upon a time there were three girls without a love of their own..." Tripping Prince Charming. On the blog you getto read more excerpts and reviews.

     *Ivy & Bernard- A Thorn in Her Pocket

     “Did you really mean to wet me like this?”
    “Oh no,” Bernard chuckled self-consciously along with her. "Well, not as much as this, for obvious reasons.” With a nod of his head, he indicated the appearance of her hardened nipples, literally naked through the sheer material of her thin white shirt. “Honestly, I’d thought a few drops would fall on you and then I could have played the hero and offered you drying materials, and afterward we would have a full conversation instead of the cursory ones we have inside the building. Unfortunately, when I turned the corner at breakneck speed, trying to catch you before you drove off, I stopped short at the sight of you on the bottom steps and the water sloshed out of the glass. Stupid me trying to keep it from tilting, dropped a book, reached for it, and the glass tilted anyway and here we are.”

     Ivy, standing with mouth gaped, listened intently. She was infatuated. The fact he knew her name and had gone through such ridiculous tricks to get to know her better, made her care less how he met her, but extremely happy, he had finally taken the initiative.

     “Are you okay? Are you in shock, Ivy?” Bernard snapped his fingers in front of her face. “You haven’t said a word or changed expression in the past two minutes."

     "Yes, I’m fine. Kinda glad actually, I was sitting here trying to figure out how to ‘casually’ bump into you and now it’s done. We can’t go out for a cup of coffee with me looking like an advert of a bar contest. Can we set a date for a rain check?”
     “Yes, of course. Give me your phone and I’ll put in my number. That way you can call me whenever you’re ready to set the date.”

    With an ease that kept her calm, Bernard took the cell from Ivy’s slack fingers, tapped his number in, returned her phone and was stepping back before she could react.
     “Now, remember, Ms. Ivy Gardiner, I’ll be waiting.” And with that he turned and walked away. Whistling as he went.

     **Lillie-Rose & Nathaniel- In All the Right Place: 

     If it weren’t for the fact, just the thought of Nathaniel caused her to do something that made her look like a fool, she would probably try to get to know him better. She had no idea where she stood with him behind the occasional comment on her clumsiness. It seemed as if every time they happened to meet, she did something totally asinine. With a blush of shame she remembered their most recent encounter. Just that very morning, she’d gone into the electronics supply store near her home to price a new flat screen television.

    While browsing and not paying attention to the people around her, she rammed the wheels of her basket into the heels of a fellow customer. Totally ashamed and apologetic, she pushed the basket aside and grabbed the sleeve of the poor man’s shirt with the intention of showing immediate sincerity and comfort. And just as her luck would have it, she almost died of embarrassment when the man turned around and she found the scraped leather turned out to hold the bruised heel of Nathaniel Henry.

     Remembering the pained look on his face made her want to cringe all over again. Feeling as if she were touching a flame, she’d quickly released the grasp on his arm and pushed her hands into her pockets. Nathaniel smiled, more like grimaced slightly, as he turned his foot to examine the wound on his heel before dismissing it as trivial.

    . “Do you have a vendetta to cause me as much pain as possible, Lillie-Rose?” There was just enough humor in his tone to make her relax. “No, of course I don’t. I’m so sorry.” To gain a few seconds to compose her heart rate, she stepped back a few paces so she could see his face without having to lean her head too far back. “I didn’t know it was you.”

     “I’m sure you didn’t. Is this the way you treat all of your male acquaintances? This is what... the fifth time we’ve run into each other? I’ve always gotten the worst end of the deal, let tell you, it’s unnecessary. You’re beautiful enough to get any man you want without stooping to maim the guy in order to get him to go out with you.”

    She’d just made up her mind she would apologize to him for their previous accident ridden encounters and here he was causing a scene. Gritting her teeth, Lillie-Rose took a deep breath and swallowed hard to stem the retort that wanted to rush out of her mouth.

     “Listen, Nathaniel, l-I’m not usually so clumsy,” She paused at the obvious sardonic lift of his left brow. “Well, okay, I must admit I have been having way too many incidents when it comes to you, but I can guarantee you if I wanted to date someone I would just walk right up to him and ask…. would you like to go out for coffee or something.”

     “And I would say yes, let’s go, though I would prefer the ‘something’. Are you finished here? I’m ready.” “Wha….?” “Are you chickening out?”

     “No, yes, I wasn’t asking you out, Nathaniel.”
    “Why not? You owe me.” He turned his leg and slid his pant leg up so she could see the redness of his heel. Lillie-Rose closed her eyes briefly. Even the site of his sore, painful heel couldn’t douse the flame that was about to burn her alive. The man had gorgeous muscular calves and the flexing movements of his smooth flesh did nothing to stop her mind from wondering what the rest of his leg, his thigh, and his body would look like exposed. She moved a step back and almost jumped out of her skin when he took one step forward and his hand snaked out and grabbed her arm.
    “Careful or you’ll knock over those laptops.” Shaking his hand off, she stuffed her hands in her jean pocket, unaware the movement tightened her blouse and showed the telltale evidence of his effect on her. “Are you afraid to go out with me Lillie-Rose?”
     “No, I have no fear, at all.” Nathaniel smiled and looked pointedly at her breast. “Then it definitely has to be something else.”
    Following the trail of his eyes to look down at herself, Lillie-Rose hurriedly removed her hands from her pockets and tugged at her blouse.
     “Geez, Nathaniel. So you have an effect on me.”
     Deciding that bluntness was the only way to go, she sighed and threw caution to the wind. Nothing could happen in daylight and especially not in the middle of the electronics department of Gadgets and Geeks, she moved as close to him as possible without stepping into his clothes. Once their bodies touched she moved ever so slightly until her hardened nipples were rubbing against him. Since she was shorter than he, this meant her face was aligned exactly with his breast. Using the same slow, gentle movements of her body, she turned her head and face from one cheek to the other and let out a deep breath. The movement of her lips and the heat from her breath against him caused his breast to mirror hers. “I see I have the same effect on you.”
    “No, this is the effect you have on me.” For a brief moment he pressed her backwards into the counter and mimicked the movements she had made by slowly twisting his hips. The hardness of his groin, making more of an impression on her in the millisecond they were close and caused more damage to her system than any molten lava of a volcano could do through a path of trees. She sucked in her breath sharply and thought she would pass out from the quick lack of oxygen. “Don’t play with fire little girl unless you’re willing and able to put it out.”
    Then he released her and strode away in the opposite direction as quick as he could. Feeling chastened, she made her escape and had been sulking in her office ever since. One minute thanking God they had been in a public place and she hadn’t made a complete fool of herself and the next moment ticked off because she hadn’t made a complete fool of herself.

     ***Carmella & Franklin- The Cooking Class:

     Entering the elevator, Carmella stood against the wall, crossed her arms and rested her back on its cool surface. She really wanted to spend more time with him, but hadn't gotten brazen enough to initiate the asking. Franklin stood facing the door, fiddling with his coat button and watching her in the door's reflective surface. He cleared his throat when he saw that she was watching him. "So Franklin, why are you taking a cooking class?" He coughed. "Huh?"
    "Why are you taking a class? You don't have a wife or girlfriends you're trying to impress, do you?" "Uhm, no."
     "Then why take the class? It's not like you ever pay attention." She pushed away from the wall as the doors opened to the basement floor parking garage. "If you were acting like one of the other hundred guys who've taken the class, yet spent most of the evening trying to hit me up, I would think you liked me, but you say nothing." She walked through the door, pulling his sleeve as she exited. "Come on. My car is over here."
    He followed her without telling her he knew her car, had known it for weeks before he’d decided to take the cooking class. For one thing it wasn't hard to remember her car; no one else he knew drove a little red Aston Martin, and for the past year they had attended the same church even though he tried to stay out of her way.
    "How can you afford this car teaching people how to cut onions and celery?" "I cut a lot of onions and celery."
     "You know, Franklin." She pushed the required tab on her key fob and opened the car's door. Sliding into the driver's seat she placed her finger near the button that would start the car and paused. "If you want to wait until you have gone through a few more classes before you ask me out it's okay. I won't tell you ‘no', but please ask before you cut your fingers off. You are lethal with a knife." She started the car. "Besides, I don't think it would be fun to date someone without fingers. You won't be able to use chopsticks." Carmella laughed, pulled the door from his hands, before slamming it shut and driving off. At the first stoplight she pulled out her cell, pushed her earpiece in her ear and made a conference call to her two best friends.

    I love sweet #romance with drama #AsianAmerican

    So, what does a fellow do when the father of the woman he loves, doesn't have the same feelings for him?  Go over and see what their love is all about. When Clouds Touch.
    The video at the end makes me think of all the trouble Malachi has when trying to convince Paisley's dad about how much he loves the man's daughter.

     “Mom, yes I understand what you are saying, that’s why I’m calling you. I’ve only been gone four hours. Everything is fine. I’m perfectly okay with Malachi. Where did you think I would be? Did you get my note?”

    “Note? Note?” Annie’s voice rose an octave on the repeat of the word. A sure sign she had lost all control. “Do you think a few short abrupt sentences explain your action? Do you believe they excuse the way you have left your father and I on the verge of terror? We had no idea where you were or how you had gone. You can’t drive because of your vision. Did you call a taxi?Are you okay? Tell me where you are and we will come and get you.”

     “I’m not coming back there.”
     “Paisley, honey you aren’t planning anything drastic are you? You were so upset last night. Please, I will talk to your father, make him see we want you happy. Have him change his mind about Malachi. Just come home.”
     “I’m not coming there, Mom. It’s not my home, its the family home. I moved out and the two of you moved me back in. Took away my freedom, my love, and tried to push me back into the role of a naive child. I can’t return to that.”
     “Then what are you going to do?”
     “I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks with Malachi, marry him, and then I’ll return as his wife to confront you and Oto-san.”
     “What? You’re going to-” Annie MuRong yelled to her husband, calling him to the phone relating everything Paisley had said to her. Her voice on the line was immediately replaced by her husband’s angry demanding tirade. “Paisley Tenshi MuRong, are you serious? You will marry this man?”

    “Yes, Oto-san. He’s returning our family’s honor. Isn’t that what you were complaining about the other night? It is my destiny to be with him. Today was an impulsive move. No one was there to spy on me and I called him. It is a good thing I did, he was leaving town. One minute longer and I would have missed him. Its as if it were planned in the stars. Believe this, I’ll be alright. When I return, I’ll come there.”
     “So, there is nothing I can say?”
    “Yes, there is. You can give me your blessing.”
    I will always wish the best for you, Paisley. I want you happy.” “Then rest and know that is what I am. See you in a few days.”
     “Before you hangup, let me speak with Mr. Dae.” “Oh Oto-san, please don't embar...”
     “Put him on the phone, now.”
     “I hear you, Sir. We’re on speaker.” Malachi’s voice joined the conversation.“So, don’t try to chew my head off.”
    “Mr. Dae, if you were here in front of me, your head would surely be torn off. At this moment, I can only bow defeat, you have won. I see now, this urge to have a relationship was not an infatuation between you and Paisley. I have to accept that. I have to be satisfied with the choice she has made and believe it will be for the best. What I want to know from you, Mr. Dae are your plans? What now?”
     “Now, Sir. I intend to spend the next few days helping your daughter to heal her spirit, to erase the memory of the heartbreak we both felt at our separation.To show her love, mentally, verbally, and of course physically. Before all of that, I intend to marry your daughter. It will be a Gandharva Vivaah, a marriage of love because that’s what your daughter and I have for each other. And then I hope to come home and be embraced in your arms and accepted like the son I intend to be to you and Paisley’s mother. The same dependable, loving son I am to my parents. Hopefully, you won’t grab me around the neck and shake me the way my father does when I do something he disagrees with.” “Keep that hope, Mr. Dae. I’ll speak to you on your return.” Mr. MuRong disconnected the call.

    Dear @AMAZON, Your Review Policy Sucks. #reading Please Change

    Dear book readers: I don't know if you have seen or heard about Amazon's new review policy and if you haven't, let me tell you- it sucks. 

    Basically says, your opinion as a reader is ridiculous and doesn't count.

    If you were gifted a book, are a fan, family member, friend,  follow or have previously reviewed a book by an author or any ghost of a chance have a virtual connection--  you can not share your opinion on the book.

    Yeah, AMAZON may delete it, that's if they ALLOW you to post it. Unfair discrimination and here you are a paying customer.

    Worse if you're an author because obviously you can't be a paying reader/customer with an opinion. They've taken review rights away from some, PERMANENTLY.
    If you have read any of my books, please leave a review on their blog page. **I Value Your Opinions. Thank you.
    Jas Ward
    United States
    In the world where both Indie and Traditional authors are using all tools available to try to get their latest books out to the reader, it's essential for the authors and their associates to use social media: IE: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    With that being said, a reader is therefore going to have cookies and data when they see that interaction and very likely would have LIKED and/or followed the authors pages, profiles and other avenues being a fan of the author's work.  They are fans after all--they want to know what an author does and their current news and title releases.
    Your current process of removing reviews that a reader has created to show their honest & sincere opinion on a book is not fair and cripples the review process more than assists.
    In the days of the negative trend where those who wish an author harm are using reviews to hurt sales or the author's confidence, this policy makes zero sense, as the individuals that are instructed or wish to harm are most likely NOT a fan and or follower and therefore would most likely NOT to have as many cookies, data tracks as a good, loyal fan would.
    We the authors, fans, reviews, bloggers and other individuals in the industry ask that you please consider how the review process is done. By using a reader's other accessible history to determine if they are worthy of leaving a review by knowledge of an author, is not a fair one. A real fan of any person would, of course, have links to someone they respect and follow and therefore they should have the right to leave a review.
    The review process has taken so much heat in the last few years, and while we appreciate Amazon trying to make it a respected tool for a buyer when deciding a purchase, this aspect of your system is not a fair or just part.
    Therefore, we are asking that you consider all the above and review your internal policy on tracking a reviewers history. It is not fair nor is it just and we the readers, authors and all-around lovers of books ask that it be stopped.
    Thank you.
    If any signers have any additional input/info, I can be found and contacted via my Facebook Page:

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