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This is me.

This is me.
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I Write, I Breathe

I am a writer....a master and protector of words. "Like a knife, words should be handled carefully. They can cut deeply, the wound may never heal, and the scars may remain for an eternity. Or they can be used to make space to plant a seed - where fruition births legacy and feeds generations on hope, goodness, and love of humanity." ~Ey Wade

Reader's Giving Kudos

Reader's Giving Kudos
They like me. They really like me.
"Looking forward to reading more of Ey Wade's books!"Janet Brown

"Ms. Wade, WOW, that's my feeling right now, after reading your book...I will be reading more of your work. "Cassondra

"Ey Wade takes words and paints the picture..." SeaWitch

"Ey Wade is a talented author and I definitely will be reading more of her work and expecting more good works from her."Lisa

Ey Wade is genius! Keke Chanel

The first book I read by my next author spotlight blow me away. The way she intertwined her characters and the powerful message it conveyed caught me by a pleasant surprise. I experienced so many emotions reading the book, I didn’t understand why. Not until I realized one of the characters hit too close to home. Life happens. It will be okay. These are the things Ey’s book zapped me with. Since then, I have become a fan. Her writing style is different, different meaning, off the charts! Once you read one, you won’t be able to stop until you read them all. Kickin’ It With KeKe…


Beads on a String- nonfic.


There are millions of them

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE

Tripping Prince Charming-ROMANCE
Romance to Squeeze Your Heart

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE

When Clouds Touch - FATED ROMANCE
Fixes the Fault in the Stars

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility

Birth of Controversies #abortion #infertility
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In My Sister's World series

Children's Favs

Children's Favs
The Amazing Jett(jet)

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL

Read Debney's Journal- NA NOVEL
D.N.A-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)

TO VISIT IN THE CHAIR (characters)
Interviews with other authors, too.


Read interviews from some outstanding authors & their novel's characters.
Enjoy intimate, light hearted conversations with the characters from many of the stories in my ebooks. A way to really get to know the people you read about. They talk on Wednesdays and Fridays. Have fun reading the interviews with the characters.


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I Write Book Reviews
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Those Who Jump Out of the Boat

Hi, I'm So Glad Stopped In....

A Bundle of Love. From teens dealing with premarital sex,friends running from #romance, to a woman & a late term abortion. #reallifehappens #romance

Holiday-Ever-After-Bundle-Love-ebook 3 novels 5 women 5 challenges 5 happily ever after
 IN PRINT 1 BOOK 3 FULL NOVELS 5 Until January 6th.


Debney's world falls apart on her 18th birthday when she discovers everything she thought she knew about herself is a lie. Now it's a race to find out what happens first - graduation or motherhood. She's not interested in romance, she has a family mystery to unravel, but someone is waiting to step into some pretty big shoes and turn her life upside down one more time. Visit Debney's journal for excerpts.
 "Are you okay?" Lifting her head and lowering it just as quickly when her gaze smacked straight into the concerned eyes of Giante’ De Vicari, Debney sighed and cursed under her breath irritably. Not bothering to answer she continued on her measured course down, the action successfully causing him to move with her.é walked down the stairs backward and directly in front of her, his left hand sliding unhurriedly down the rail with his the arm held stiffly, successfully giving the impression he would protect her from falling. His hands were huge, smooth and long-fingered. And from what she tried hard not to remember, extremely gentle. She felt the heat rise in her face as quickly as the shame entered her thoughts. Above all the others, she remembered him. Every thought she ever had of him caused her to
ridicule herself.

If the imminent danger of falling wasn’t weighing heavily on her mind, she would have closed her eyes to avoid the compassion in his. "You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to pretend you know me, Debney. Hell, we’ve spent every summer together for as long as I can remember. I’m just worried about you, Deb." His voice softened as he whispered the last part.

"I’m fine." Her voice came out in little more than a whisper. It had been days since anyone had spoken to her. Weeks, if you subtracted the cruel, sarcastic tones of voices. She quickened her steps, trying to brush past him as soon as her feet hit solid ground, but he, as usual, blocked her path.

"I haven’t seen you in a while. What with football practice and Spring Break, I haven’t had time to roam the halls, but I’ve missed you."

He bent down a little to try and see her face through the curtain of her thick, dark hair. His smile was encouraging, and the only thing she could see of his face without boldly throwing her head back. No way would she be doing that, she just didn’t feel brave enough to follow through.

The last time she let her emotions rule her actions all hell had fallen into her life. She kept her head down and watched her hands gently rubbing her stomach as she encouraged herself to respond. "That’s fine Gianté, it didn't matter. Everything has been the same." She sucked in a deep breath and tried to go around him, but was forestalled by his evasive movements. "Can you get out of the way? I have things I need to do before the bell rings."

"Why do you always run from me, Debney?"

Closing her eyes briefly, Debney sighed deeply. She just didn’t have time for an interrogation. She knew anything she did out of her ordinary habit of scurrying through the crowd would draw unwanted attention in her direction. Standing still in the middle of the hallway was something she avoided as much as possible. When it came to finding a victim for harassment, she was the biggest target and she preferred to be a moving one.
 Peering around his shoulder at the students in the hallway, she took a steadying breath. Maybe if she let him have a few moments of conversation he would hurry and move and she would be free to go on her way. Pressured beyond belief, knowing she had a short space of time to get through the hallway to the restroom and yet not willing to give him access to such information, she feigned irritation, executed her best wiggling neck in the current, attitudinal, broken-hinged fashion and answered louder than necessary.

 "Why do you always stand in my way, Giant?" her irritation at being confronted plainly showing.
 "You know I don't like you calling me that, Deb."
Of course she knew. He had been teased with the
nickname from the third grade onward. Ever since kindergarten, he’d been shoulders and head taller than the other boys his age, and after the summer of their fifth grade year, he’d outgrown those same boys by another nine inches. Tossing her head back to clear the hair from her face, she commanded herself to look him boldly in the eyes and immediately disobeyed.
 At almost seven feet tall, Gianté looked like a god. A tall, muscular, well-built, beautiful Asian god and she loved.

Three women who don't believe the fairy tales decide they'll only take love on their terms and they've set the bar very high, but they've got a fairy godfather who wants to help them find their very own happily ever after. Enjoy drama, music, and excerpts.

Nothing hurts worse than when a relationship ends. Except when you could've avoided it.

He watched her as she approached slowly, her fingers twisting and untwisting around and into each other, bottom lip pouting and trembling, a solitary tear resting on the tip of her lower lashes. This was the hardest thing he’d ever done in life, but it had to be done. As much as he wanted to grab her up and hold her in his arms, he had to back away and let her figure out what she wanted with her future. He could no longer pretend he didn’t care as much as he really did. Stifling his urges, his passion, his love, while waiting for her “to be sure,” was breaking his heart. He had to call the relationship off.

Carmella heard the words Franklin was saying, but couldn’t comprehend. She could see his lips moving, but her mind was blocking her ability to put the sentences in any logical context. What was he saying? She shook her head to clear the fog, but it didn’t help. She no more wanted to hear him than she wanted to hear what he was saying. Was he really saying they should break-up?

“What are you saying?” Her voice came out in barely a whisper.

“I’m saying this is not working for me. I can’t keep coming here day in and out and not know how I will find you. What frame of mind will you be in? Will you love me or will you push me away? I can’t take it anymore. I can’t be the toad you kick around because you aren’t ready to have a prince in your life. I’ve been telling you this for days now. Call me when you’re ready to stop thwarting my every effort to make this relationship work."

Sighing heavily, Bernard closed his eyes for a second before looking in Ivy’s direction. He was angry and hurt. The hurt over ruled so much all he wanted to do was cry, but not in front of her.It was all that he could do to keep himself from running out of the building like a heartbroken little girl,the dismay and disbelief ran that deep. He pinched the space between his eyes to calm himself.

“Ivy, I can’t even tell you how I feel about this. I’ve mentioned it many times before. So many times, in fact, that I am beginning to think I sound needy. I’m finding it very hard to believe there is nothing going on between you and Nathaniel. You say you’re trying to match him with Lillie-Rose and yet I never see him with her. I always seem to find you huddled next to him, you smiling up at him or you deep in conversation. I can’t handle myself being so jealous and if you’re trying to play some kind of game to keep me in this emotional hell, I have to tell you, it hurts. Do you even realize what you are doing to me? Can you imagine how you make me feel?”

Holding back the tears shoving to escape, he paused to clear his throat and grab the reins of his emotions. The small action bolstering his determination to show her he had become tired of the ridiculous peek-a-boo she’d been playing with their relationship. Four months of love-me-love-me-not, had taken its toll.

“I don’t know what you were trying to prove with the little scenario you were delivering with such perfection, Ivy, or whether or not Nathaniel is a part of it, all I can tell you is this, you’re killing me. I can’t prove myself any better than I already have. If you’re trying to make me jealous or you’re,” he paused to clear his throat again. “Or you’re really in a relationship with him; I need you to understand I will not stand around and watch as you try to pull together some fanciful fairytale life. If I haven’t shown myself to be yours by now, then I never will. When you get your story straight, call me.” He stepped back and reached for the handle of the door. “You know where you can find me. I’ll be the one standing next to the white horse.”

 “Okay Lillie-Rose, don’t answer me. I’m just going to have to believe what he has told me. You regretted breaking up after losing his child and then I come into the picture and make him see where he messed up. I’m going to have to believe you two never really ended the relationship you had as kids and I’m going to step out of the picture.” Without another word Nathaniel turned to walk out of the door.
Rushing forward, she made to grab for his shirt tail and missed as he slipped through the opening, closing it softly behind him.
Paisley always had everything going for her and everything against her. Born with albinism and a bad heart, she's lived under the watchful eye and controlling hand of her father all her life. But it seems her fate was already written in the skies when she keeps meeting a man who is as determined to let her live as her father is to keep her alive. Some beautiful love and romance flows between Paisley and Malachi

“The smaller gift is an Omamori, basically a good luck amulet Omamori means to protect. This one is an Anzan. It’s ...”
“A wish for good health of a pregnant woman and a newborn baby,” her mother finished. The expression on her face as she stared at the amulet in her hand told all sorts of things to the people at the table. Happiness was not one of them.
The younger of Paisley’s two brothers held the small amulet by the string, swinging it back and forth. “Ewww, are you telling us you’re pregnant, Paisley?”
“Yes.” She squealed ecstatically standing and bouncing in place. Twirling until the layers of her skirt flowed, engulfing and wrapping around the legs of her sister who joined her in dance. Khushi Dae and Malachi’s grandmother pushed back their chairs, each happily taking turns embracing Paisley in their joy. Everyone remaining at the table had their attention focused on Malachi.
Not knowing what else to do, Malachi decided to brazen it out. Arms folded behind his head, legs crossed, with a complacent smile on his face, Malachi leaned the chair back until it rested on the back legs. “Well, go ahead and blame me. I’ll stand up to my responsibilities.” 
“You better, akudou.” His father, walking behind him to join the women, swept the legs of the chair as he passed. The immediate laughter from all as Malachi caught himself before hitting the floor, lightened the atmosphere.
“Ha, ha. You all go ahead and laugh.” Malachi stood, brushed down his clothing and straightened his chair while trying to gather his dignity. Instead of sitting, he moved to where Paisley stood. Separating her from the well-wishers, he helped her into her chair but remained standing behind his.Smiling slightly, he accepted the bottle of wine from the hands of the waiter. “Now that Paisley has excited everyone with our little announcement, I wanted to openly apologize for causing everyone stress and ask for the forgiveness of both families.” 
“Wine won’t clear it that easily, little brother.” Yogi sipped from his glass of water, his index finger pointing towards Mr. MuRong. “Words mean nothing, you have to do something bigger.”
“You know me. After lunch I have plans.”
“Malachi, what are you talking about?” Paisley scooted closer and whispered in his ear.
Patting the top of her hand without answering, he directed his next words to her father. “Mr. MuRong, sir, I know I showed you and Paisley’s beautiful mother an enormous amount of disrespect and I want to make up for that.”
“No disrespect to your father, but it will take more than a dinner, where you spring the announcement of my grandchild as easily as you announce the weather. Why is it you always want to have important discussions in a restaurant? Your decorum is wanting.”
“Stick with me through lunch, sir and I promise you will love me.” He laughed at the collective dismissal sound from every person at the table. “Family, don’t give up on me, yet. I’m full of surprises.”
When dessert was served, conversation began to lag until eventually silence reigned and all eyes turned to Malachi. He raised his hand and immediately a waitress appeared by his side and presented a card to Paisley. In confusion, Paisley looked towards Malachi.
“Go with her Paisley, Yoshiko will you go with them? Mr. And Mrs. MuRong, Amma, Appa- everyone,will you follow me?” Malachi reached out, clasping the elbow of his grandmother and helping her from her chair.
“We’ll go with the girls.” Malachi’s mom laughed, excitedly clasping Paisley’s mom’s hand. Looking as if she knew something no one else knew.

And a sneak peak of RIBBONS & BELLE a story where terrible choices are made for love. Coming 2016.

Ribbons &Belle
Gorgeous, dedicated fertility counselor Tyson Ribbons, has admired and loved embryologist, Anabelle “Belle” Lee for a long time. When she comes in for counseling he fights everything within him not to deter her from her plans.
That doesn’t stop his heart from wishing it could be him fulfilling her desire.

Anabelle Lee, mourning her inability to have a child of her own, suffered through two miscarriages, a heartbreaking late-term abortion, and a soul crushing divorce. As an embryologist, she has protected the potential life of many frozen specimens, and lived envious of the women choosing in vitro fertilization as their form of reproduction.
After encouragement from her best friend, and counseling from the very perfect Dr. Ribbons, Anabelle takes steps to fulfill her desire to become a mother.
The problem is the announcement brings more of a shock than a gift.

Belle put down her can and turned to Sunny. In a slow matter of fact, tone, she began her story about the death of Fawn. With Sunny, as she’d been with Tyson, Belle wanted to eliminate some of the facts, tried not to trip over her emotions and be as upset as she’d been when telling Tyson, but failed horribly. Tears rolled down her face and she could barely control her guttural cries until the strained, soft voice of Sunny’s response broke through her misery. Where she’d expected comfort and a shared remorse, she was stunned by an unexpected accusation.

“So, what you’re really saying is, you killed her.”

Jumping up, she followed Sunny into the house, watching in shock as her friend gathered her belongings and slipped her feet into her shoes in preparation to leave. For a moment every thought in her mind disappeared. The break in her heart so real, she physically felt the pain. Hearing the words she’d ever thought about herself broadcast to the heavens from the mouth of her best friend, stunned her. They were wrong. Harsh. A sentence she didn’t deserve. Words that had no business being planted in her spirit, let alone her soul. She had not killed her child and she wouldn’t accept that condemnation from anyone. Not even from herself.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m asking for you to understand. I’m saying that I didn’t have a choice. She would’ve died, anyway. After living the most horrible short life in extreme pain. I’m saying, I let her go. In peace.”

“No. You treated her worse than you ever treated one of your pets. You euthanized your child and now you’re trying to pass it off like... like a case of mercy killing.”

“Oh my God, Sunny. I can’t believe you, you of all people, are saying this to me.You, who I have for the past twenty years thought of as a sister, stands in front of me and calls me a murderer. You may as well be saying I never wanted the baby. Any of them.”

“Well, did you? Did you really? How can I believe anything else. Were all of the miscarriages, real? Or something you planned, too?"
Belle stood for a minute, hand clutching the material above her breast. At that very moment, every abuse she’d had as a child, every heartache as woman, every despair as a mother, had never felt as horrible and she lashed out.
“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Sunny. This is why I never told you. You of all people, I knew wouldn’t be able to handle my decision,but I at least thought you would stand with the result of it.”

“Well, that’s an option it’s a little late to even think about. You never let me in. You never told me anything. You never gave me a choice to voice my thoughts.”

“Because I knew you would say exactly what you just spewed at me. You hate and can not tolerate the idea of abortion. You can’t and you won’t even try to see a viable reason a woman would put herself through a horrible experience, like that. And it was they most horrific, soul destroying, last thing I would have ever chosen to go through. I had no choice.” Belle moved to stand face to face with Sunny, who in denial and obvious anguish, turned her body and stepped away whenever Belle got close. Refusing to make eye contact.
“Sunny, I literally had less than two days to decide to end Fawn’s life or bring her into the world in extreme pain. I didn’t want to spend that time fighting with you about the evils of abortion. And believe me. I understand why you hate abortions. I’ve had the hardest time forgiving your parents for making you go through yours as a teen. I know how much you wanted that baby. You know, I know. But I needed to concentrate on the health, no the death of my child. Even her father didn’t want to be involved. You think I could have handled the arguments with you? Do you honestly believe we would have remained friends if I had tried to tell you, then? I needed the comfort you gave me with the amount of truth you did know.”

“I could’ve tried to understand what you were going through, Belle. Studied up on everything. Been with you and held your hand. I could’ve been there so you wouldn’t be alone.”

“And I would’ve used all of my energy wondering if you were hating me. If you were blaming me. I didn’t have the strength within me to take that chance. My entire system was in a state of shock. All of the hope I’d had for Fawn was gone in one instant.”

“And yet, you kept it from me for three years. Her birthday was a few weeks ago. Instead of us sitting and talking about her, you took the day off work. You shut off your phone and you shut me out.”

“Sunny, please don’t leave like this. I wasn’t trying to shut you out.” Belle rushed down the hallway after Sunny. Heartbroken that her friend was not understanding where she was coming from, yet totally understanding the need she felt to get away. “I was trying to close the door on the pain. Trying to get a grip on the past so I could move on to the future.”

“You know what, Belle. I understand where you’re coming from. I get it. I just need to think. I need to adjust to the... to the death of Fawn. It feels like a totally different thing to me and I need some time. I’ll call you.”

New Book and Beta Readers

Nothing excites me more than sharing my newest baby. I want people to count her fing... Uhm, pages and let me know if I've gone way beyond the necessary or if I've come up short.
 Let me know if you like her face. That's the hardest part and the easiest to mess up.

I know in the beginning,  she is just learning to talk so,  there will be errors and lots of wrong words used, but I want the help in correcting her. Maturing her beyond her capabilities.
That said,  if anyone is interested in reading about Ribbons & Belle, please email me.
 This is a description of her:

 Ribbons & Belle, a sweet romance . It's about 39,000 words at this moment. I'm trying to see how the controversy of a late term abortion works within the story. I'm rethinking the cover, too. Thanks for the consideration.

Gorgeous, dedicated fertility counselor Tyson Ribbons, has admired and loved embryologist, Anabelle “Belle” Lee for along time. When she comes in for counseling he fights everything within him not to deter her from her plans.
Doesn’t stop his heart from wishing it could be him fulfilling her desire.

Anabelle Lee, mourning her inability to have a child of her own-suffered through two miscarriages, a heartbreaking late-term abortion, and a soul crushing divorce. As an embryologist, she has protected the potential life of many frozen specimens, and lived envious of the women choosing invetro fertilization as their form of reproduction.
After a bit of encouragement from her best friend, and counseling from the very perfect Dr. Ribbons, Anabelle takes steps to fulfill her desire to become a mother.
Problem is, the announcement brings more of a shock than a gift. is a description of her.

Stupid Email Address #amwriting
So,  I joined a new group on Facebook,  totally inspiring and answers a multitude of questions. One yesterday was the tip to remember to have your email address on your page.  I have the sign up,  but didn't see the specific email address.  Then..   Added it but couldn't make it clickable.

 Thank goodness for,  my search place by default.  I found the instructions without a problem. 

  Now, that makes it easier if you want to talk about my books,  request review copies,  have questions...

 Okay,  back to writing.  I'm working on a romance with so much drama and conversation about "lady parts",  pregnancy and who runs them,  you would think it's real life.  Stay tuned for Ribbons and Belle, coming soon.

An excerpt

“Okay, here’s the deal.” Tyson reached inside of the SUV to help Belle climb out. “When we get with my family, I want you to pretend you don’t speak English. I’m serious. Stop laughing. No matter what they say,smile and nod. That’s all. Just smile and nod.”

“Why would I do that?” Once on the ground, Belle let go of his fingers and moved to open the rear passenger door and retrieve the container of side dish, which she handed to Tyson and the cake saver of cookies they’d had a ball making the night before.

“Because I’m asking you. My sisters, and did I tell you I have six of them? Oh, I did?” He continued at the affirmative nod of her head. “Well, my sisters want to see me married. Cornelia has regaled them with every story she thinks she knows about you and in their minds, we are as good as on our second year of marriage.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No,sorry to say, I’m not. They know we’ve been out on half a dozen dates and they waste no time in trying to get me settled down. Please, just do a lot of nodding and smiling. No, change that - listen first, before you nod.  Don't want to commit yourself to anything.” He looked across the vast lawn. An exaggerated grimace of fear took over his expression and she laughed. “Lord, here they come. Stop laughing. Just be yourself. I’m serious.”

“Belle. What is he telling you? I can see by his expression it’s nothing good. Ignore him.” Cornelia squeezed her ample body between Tyson and Belle, secured her arm in the hook of Belle’s elbow and pulled her away. “Come with us.”

Within seconds, Belle found herself several feet away from Tyson, surrounded by a bevy of laughing questioning women and a dozen or more chirping little children. Smiling and nodding, sometimes frantically shaking her head negatively as the only response because she couldn’t get a word in edge wise.
It was all fun, confusing, and extremely enlightening. She was just getting into hearing stories of Tyson’s antics as a small boy, when her arm was captured and this time she was pulled away by the warm touch of Tyson’s hand.

LaSuria K. Allman. Interviewed at Sistah's Place Entertainment #history #interview

You will be enthralled at the story, LaSuria K. Allman, author of Her Stolen Pride I, Her Stolen Pride II, and Pride Restored shares about the twenty-six years of struggle to get her mother's rightful place in history.

 She is the eldest daughter of the famous Civil Right Activists Mamie King Chalmers, and has a glorious audio interview at Sistah's Place website.

"Mamie King Chalmers is the young black activist seen in many of the famous pictures taken by photographer Charles Moore during the Civil Rights Movements. He sold the pictures to Time Magazine that have been featured in documentaries, magazines, newspapers, showed during black history month, featured in special documentaries about the Civil Rights Movement."
via  Sistah's Place Entertainment

Grab a copy of the first American history book to feature the biography of Mrs. Mamie-King Chalmers. Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History written by Ey Wade.


Follow Kandi at:
Kandi Kane Entertainment.
For booking or Interviews contact me at
909-264-0878 and
Facebook:Author Lasuria Allman

How Did A Girl with Albinism become a Character in a novel?

 To tell you how the concept of Paisley came along is a story within itself. One that is being told at this moment on her blog, When Clouds Touch.

I must say, the longer I am on the road as a writer, the more my characters have decided they will run the telling of their story, their way and in their time frame. I can not control the flow or the time put into the actual writing. Paisley has also been interviewed at In the Chair, check it out.

 Making timelines, outlines, are out the door for me. It doesn't work. Call me lazy, call me unorganized, heck call me anything- wait just call me, I can use the distraction.

 Setting a schedule, per se, is ridiculous on my clock. I can't tell myself sit in front of the laptop or use my pen and paper at a certain time and I may sit doodling that entire time or researching. I'll never get the story finished.

I won't say I write by the seat of my pants or get stuck banging on a wall, because I tend to know what I want to write, it's the sitting and waiting for the people, whose lives I'm recording, to speak up. I have to get it right. Which brings us back to Paisley.

 The way she told me who she was came as a surprise. I knew the very beginning of When Clouds Touch and I knew pretty much how it would end, but nothing in between. No names for the characters or what their issues were. I just knew this couple loved each other. Have you ever been that way with your writing?

Crash Into Me
 (that very first scene, envisioned after watching the wind blowing clouds)

Two clouds, floating ever so slowly through the soft blue sky, one from either direction, moved closer on a path towards collision.

Angels, their beautiful song filling the air like a lullaby, sat serenely on separate pillows of softness, gently flapping their enormous wings to deflect the heat of the sun's rays from the cloud's tiny inhabitants.

The tiny souls, cuddled within the silken folds, glanced across the gap and in lightening recognition, they reached out. Before their chubby fingers could touch, thunder boomed and puffs from their guardian’s breath blew the clouds apart. Continuing in the same direction, yet inches apart, the angels resumed their soothing tunes.

Well, as I was setting up a storyboard on Pinterest, flicking through pictures, all of a sudden I heard an excited voice breaking through my thoughts and it was saying, "That's me. That's who I look like."

 I was like wow. She looks so sad. And as I looked into her eyes, studied the vulnerability of the way she hugged, embraced, comforted herself- Paisley told me her story. It all came out like a rush and I wrote quickly. I know the foods she likes, hates, fav. everything, haha. She told me a lot which helped me give her flesh, bone, and humanity. When she began talking about her ailments, I had to slow her down to do research (more about that on her BLOG)

I've learned a lot about Albinism and the horrors directed at the African people living with the disease.  Though Paisley is of Asian descent, her parents are a trial on their own, the real conflict in When Clouds Touch. Please join us on her blog to hear her story.

 NOAH The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.
If you are interested or want to know about the challenges of Albinism, visit NOAH
If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail  at

An outstanding magazine - Albinism Beauty,  features gorgeous models and informative articles. Please , take a look.

On Rant Lifestyle style they have an article which tells you
16 Things you may not know about Albinos take a peek. And then join Paisley as we discuss her entry into fiction.
  1. Magic
  2. Cures Aides
  3. Poor eye sight
  4.  not limited to humans
  5. not contagious
  6. Albinos are not "slow."

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Marketing Monday Mania- Gotta put a little "P" in it. #amwriting #marketing

  P is for… Pursuing the Possible

Perhaps the chase begins at the moment of the first perfect poom poom of our newly developed heartbeat.

From that first blood rushing introduction into life we have kicked, punched, and struggled against the bounds to reach our goals. Pulled from the warmth of our mother's body we began our quest for pure happiness.

 Stand tall, believe in what you want and go for it, which brings us to the letter ‘P’, one of my favorite letters of the alphabet. It stands between the two fattest letters O and Q, Opportunity and Quitter and yet it always looks forward.

What other letter is so powerful in its form and design? Back straight and face determinedly looking ahead. Following the 15th of his eldest sibling, 'O' (opportunity) with the knowledge and undeterred faith that wherever there is opportunity, anything is possible.

If you want to be an author and it doesn’t seem as if the traditional form of publication stands behind you, pull out your pen and paper, write your prose and become your own publishing company.
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If you want to home school your children, just do it. Who better than you to know what your child needs? From experience I know people will be against you. Pounding you with old tired clichés of what the children will miss when it comes to socialization and the quality of education. Just show them the stats for the "traditional" school system and laugh.

If you want to be a parent and the partner of your choice just hasn’t shown up….ahhh, the realms of possibility pursue you. Adopt or use Invetro Fertilization. The Topic of my new WIP- Ribbons & Belle.

 Anything is possible in this day and age. I am determined to follow opportunity and refuse to look back and into the snickering face of a big fat Q.

So, blog, use social networks, get out and meet people... market yourself, don't fail yourself. Nothing follows failure (F) but grief (G).
What kind of things do you do to market yourself?

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    Yes, I'm One of Those Mommy~Lovey (grandmothers) #parenting #homeschooling

     I love this thought he believes for himself.

    “…I might be two things.” He thought a little longer and said, “I might be a lot of things.”

    Yes, I am a grandmother. Lovely to my Jett Parker Ellington and mommy to his mom.

    I'm so excited about the things she is doing with him, with his education. With the expansion of his HUGE four
    year old brain and his humongous personality.

    I believe in hands on and free learning. The natural way of gaining and retaining information.
    I also believe in applauding people I see doing good jobs. Not saying this fellow is an angel-no, he's a total real boy with busted knees and lips. Has been from day one, which is why I call him Pinoch. No strings hold him back.
    But his mom is doing an outstanding job when it comes to letting him be the person he is meant to be. His joy and thirst in learning is phenomenal

    She's homeschooling him as I did with her and her sisters. She has a lovely post on his blog at  Happy Adventures of Preschool Boy   

     "J likes science, caterpillars and butterflies, horses, fast cars, rhyming games, silly bits of poetry and though he says he doesn’t like insects, he’s always looking for them. He has a funny talent for bird calling, an eye for the tiny details, and an enthusiasm and a laugh that’s contagious.
    We’re making up this schooling thing as we go along but I can guarantee you that it will includes all the things little things he loves and more. There are days where we lay on the floor and write our letters, or where we take some time to learn on the computer but more often than not, we like to be hands-on and right in the middle of what we’re learning.
    I’m hoping that a freedom to learn and indulge and in his interests in his early years will lead to a deep confidence and personal freedom as he grows. I’m also hoping that he and I will have several fun adventures along the way." ~ G.Wade -Adventures of Preschool Boy

    They also share so much more on their Tumblr and Facebook page.Articles, experiments, etc.
    via- GWade

    Enjoy this lesson on how to make Salt Dough from their YOUTUBE page.

    Sad little girls like the one in D.N.A., have heartbreak #comingofage stories

    Be Careful What You Wish For: Debney just wants to lose her virginity to her best friend, Giante', but all hell breaks lose.~ Debney's Journal reveals a lot.

    If only there was a way she could be the old Debney, she would take the chance in a heartbeat. But nothing was the same with her. She was sullen, angry and critical. She wished she could turn back the clock, delete the consequences from the party, erase the certainty of her parents’ deaths and resume living the miserable existence she had grown up in. The wretched drudgery and the daily knowledge of being unwanted and ignored were ten times better than living without her family.
    Of all the wishes to come true, why did she have to be granted the wish for them to die? Out of all the wishes she’d made within her entire life, the desire to eliminate her parents was the only one she now wished hadn’t come true. When she'd first realized she might be pregnant and wished for it to be a mistake even that had been denied. Slipping from her bed, she tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen. The child wasn’t born yet and already it had established an eating routine. It was four in the morning and time to feed the baby. Every two to three hours the baby demanded feeding, its miniscule movements squeezing and knotting her insides relentlessly until she would either have to eat something or succumb to being ill. After making the mistake and ignoring its demands a few times and suffering for it through nauseating, porcelain-hugging results, she now made sure to follow through with its commands.
     Debney grabbed a banana from the counter on her way to walking through the sliding glass doors to the patio, where she sat in the nearest chair and released her breath in a deep gush of relief. The warm, gentle breeze of the early morning air stirred the water of the pool. The six plastic chairs bobbed gently on its surface, comical and calming to her spirit. Looking around the deck she laughed a little at the sight of the scattered overturned chairs. She was never any good at playing games. As illogical as it would sound if voiced out loud, she blamed playing games for her present position. If it hadn’t been for the stupid idea of seducing Gianté or joining the game the boys wanted to play at her birthday party, she wouldn’t now be forced to eat a banana at four in the morning. Shaking her head at the memory of that night, she berated herself for not sticking to the plan she and Nadine cooked up together.
    They’d both known what she felt for Gianté went way beyond the friendship realm and that it was time to do something about it. As kids, they'd all hung out together like the Larry, Moe, and Curly of the TVland reruns, spending their days joking around and trying to make people laugh. To Nadine and Gianté, it had all been in fun, but to Debney it became her lifeline to sanity. When her parents went off on vacation and left her behind, she'd felt as if the line had snapped and only raw anger was left in its place. She wanted to do something to hurt them as much as they had hurt her. What possessed her to want to sleep with Gianté she didn’t know. It could have been the combination of almost always being together and the immense change in him.
    It could have been the actuality of one day her childhood friend, who was just a giant of a boy, returned to school after a summer away at football camp, built like a god and lusted after by every girl on campus. Or maybe it was the stupid promise the three of them made to lose their virginity only between themselves. Seeing the daily parade of hoochie girls vying for Gianté's attention, she knew it wouldn’t be long before he succumbed to their wiles so she decided it was time he kept his promise. And it was no surprise that when she told Nadine what she wanted to do, Nadine jumped right on board.
    Nadine thought of it as a big, romantic adventure and gushed through the entire planning of the night. Together they decided Debney would invite Gianté over on the pretext of celebrating her eighteenth birthday and they would have a romantic dinner before she and Gianté would toss their virginity away. In the end, the two girls and Gianté sat together watching a movie in the guest house and planned the night step by step. On the afternoon of her eighteenth birthday, Debney held out clothes for inspection as Nadine lay on the bed in Debney’s bedroom.
     "You keep looking at me and saying 'we' oddly when you talk about what’s going to go on tonight. You’re not thinking of having a threesome are you, Debney? Because it’s not gonna happen. I’m not ready to have sex yet." "No girl, that’s gross," Debney laughed. "I automatically think of us all as one, but this is going to be between me and Gianté tonight. When you’re ready then he’ll be there for you, of course. What do you think about these shoes with this skirt?"
    "It’s fine. Why do you need to get all dressed up? Just meet him at the door stark naked. No one else will be here and then you can get it over all the quicker." "Are you crazy? I want my first time to be memorable. Hold on let me go get something." She ran into her parents’ room and came back with a huge pair of diamond earrings. "What do you think of these?" She held one of the earrings to her ear and her hair up and out of the way. "I’m going to twist my hair up so he can see them sparkling in the candlelight."
    "Your mom will kill you if she knew you were even touching those." Debney laughed. "She would probably write me out of her will….as if I want anything from her." "You may as well wear her jewelry if you're going to do the do in her room." "I sure am and I'm going to leave the room a mess so she'll know exactly what went on. Bed unmade, earrings in the linen." "You just got that revenge thing all planned out, huh? What about what your dad will say?" "Hopefully he'll get over it."
     "Give up on it. No man wants to know his daughter had sex and especially not in his bed." Debney laughed. "He'll be alright. He doesn't sleep with her, anyway. Hasn't for--"
     "Whoa." Nadine held up her hands and waved them vigorously in the air. "Hey, that's way too much information there. I don't wanna know about their love life, let's just stay on you. Are you going to have candles and protection?"
     "Yep, of course I’m ready. I have the dining room all set. It will be just me and him here. If he wants he can stay all weekend or at least come back and forth. I know his mom will be watching from her perch at her living room window to make sure I don't do anything out of hand."
    "Are you sure he’s going to come?" "Yeah, I reminded him I was having a birthday party for myself because my family was going to be out of town and he'd better not let me down. He knows the full plan. I didn’t see a reason to hide anything."
     "So why does he have to stay the entire weekend? I thought we were going to take your new car to the beach and talk girl to girl."
     "I just thought it would be nice. We can go on Sunday afternoon, just me and you. On Monday, I have to take a stupid trip with the school. I’ll be gone two weeks and then there's the trip with Gianté's family--"
     "I know. And by the time you come back I'll be gone with my family. Your mom was really mean to pull that trick and not take you with them. I’d be really pissed."
     "I am beyond pissed at her. The last time I saw that woman I told her if I never see her again my life would be glorious. At least my dad cared enough to buy me an awesome new car. I’m still a little pissed at him for not standing up to her, but that's no more than expected. The car almost totally makes up for it. It's beautiful." "Sure is. My mom says your dad must really love you to spend money on a paint job like that. I've never seen a car with lace etchings." "He called it my chariot. It is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, let’s take a quick trip to the mall and show it off, then I’ll come back and get ready."
    After rushing to straighten the linen on the dining room table for the thousandth time and running back up the hallway and to the door in fear of having missed the ringing of the bell, she was a nervous wreck. At seven o’clock, too afraid to move far away from the door, Debney was anxiously pacing in the foyer waiting for Gianté to ring the bell. When she heard footsteps on the porch landing she swung open the door, freezing Gianté in the act of ringing the bell.
    He was not alone.

    #Thrillers with chicks like this. She wanted the kid- #daycare gave him to her.

    It was simple. She wanted him and she took him. Walked into his perfect little daycare center and he was practically pushed into her hands. Then the crazy started. (The Perfect Solution)

    left the room. She walked down the short hallway into the rear of the house and into a small bedroom. She looked around the room in satisfaction and pride. It was the only other bedroom in the house and she had designated it to Brhin. From the matching car/truck motif on the wall paper border and comforter on the racing car shaped bed, and to the shelf of toys against the wall showed that the entire room had been decorated with a little boy in mind.
     "Brhin will love it here. He'll be glad that I brought him home and he'll love this room when he sees it." She danced around in her joy.
    Her every thought and action in decorating the room had been geared by thoughts of Brhin. From the very first sight of him, four months previously and every day since, Brhin had become her reason for living. The first time she saw him she thought he seemed so cute putting in his breakfast order at the McDonald's across from her house. That 'little redhead' (she refused to even think of the skinny little woman as his mother) had been holding him at eye level to the cashier and he had stated his wishes in a clear concise manner.
    The cashier had giggled good-naturedly when Brhin insisted on ordering nuggets for breakfast and he had laughed along with her. Eaves dropping on their short conversation, she had gathered the information that Brhin and the cashier went through the same little drama every Saturday morning and she had silently chuckled along with them. Amused with the verbal exchange and entranced with the joy for life that the child exhibited, she had become enamored with him.
     From then on, it had become her business to be at the Mc Donald's on Saturdays when the 'little redhead' brought Brhin in for breakfast. She would sit in a different area and watch his every move. It was hard to pinpoint the exact day that had made her decide she wanted the child as her own, but deep in her soul she had known.
     The need to have Brhin had gotten so absorbing that she knew there was no way she could live without him. Saturday became the only day in the week that gave her reason to go on.

    Things like negligence in childcare, can make suspenseful #thrillers. Who's watching your child?
    Nothing Puts Fear in a Mother's Heart Faster Than a Missing Child~The Perfect Solution by Ey Wade. The Perfect Solution

    Catrine Teddi rolled onto her stomach and pulled the pillows until the mound under her head was a little higher. She didn’t bother to open her eyes because she was so tired and angry with herself for wasting her sleep dreaming of Austin. Time had changed nothing. The man was still her every thought after nearly four years. He was the last thought she had at night and the first thought to wake her. Sometimes the regret was so over whelming she would find herself reaching for her phone to call him.
     Lifting her congested pounding head from the half dozen pillows encased in their flowered patterned cases, she pulled a Kleenex from the matching tissue box hidden in the pillows. Rubbing the scented piece of paper under her dripping nostrils, she yawned, ruffled her hair and focused her sleepy eyes on the square face of the clock sitting next to the telephone.
    Six o'clock? Six o'clock. I can't believe it. Where is Phalene? She questioned the validity of her eyesight and the location of her sister within the same thought.
     "Jeez." She exclaimed out loud. "Have I been asleep all evening?" Continuing to talk aloud as was a habit when she was upset Catrine checked the time on the clock again. "I wonder why Phae hasn't brought Brhin home. She could have at least called to let me know that she would be keeping him at her house. Maybe she had called and I didn't hear the phone."
     Searching the table next to the bed, she saw the light flashing on the identification box sitting next to the phone. It showed that a call had come from The P.S. Center, but no message was on the answering machine. Phae, who could be an extremely impatient person, had probably started to call and didn't have time to leave a message.
     Pressing the buttons to activate the intercom system on the telephone and the programmed number that would dial her sister, Catrine pulled the blankets up to her neck and pressed her back into the pillows. Swiping at her nose and closing her eyes against the pain in her head, she waited for the answer.
    "Yes?" asked the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone line. "Hey," Catrine croaked. "Whatcha doin'?" She coughed to clear the phlegm from her throat. "I thought that you would have been here by now. You could have called."
    "Me, call?" Phae bellowed angrily. "I have been waiting for you to call and apologize." Brushing her nose with a fresh Kleenex and clearing her throat again, Catrine pushed herself into a semi-sitting position and adjusted the straps to her gown. "What do you mean 'apologize'? What do I have to apologize for? Brhin didn't tell that silly little thing I told him about Road kill this morning did he? I was only kidding it was a joke."
    "Brhin didn't tell me anything. I want you to apologize for having me drive twenty minutes across town to get your kid from that stupid, death trap of a...."
     "I hate it when you call The P. S. Center by that name." Catrine broke into the tirade. "Brhin loves it there. The center is very pretty and well equipped.”
     "That's all it is. You know how I feel about it, and you know how Frank feels. It is not a good place. You can't just go by the name, The Perfect Solution, ha." Phae's words sped out of her mouth in a tirade of irritation. Once she started on listing the faults of the center she was hard to stop. "None of the teachers have a clue as to why they’re there. The place is run in total chaos. You of all people, the owner of your own security firm should be worried about the way that center handles its business. They are so darn careless. What I want to know is how could you have me drive all the way across town to the center and then have Brhin not be there? I had to rush all the way back to this end of town so that I could get my girls from school. I was barely on time for the Girl Scout meeting and now dinner will be late. You know…"
    "What." Catrine screeched and sat ramrod straight in the bed. The roughness in her throat caused her voice to rasp."What are you saying? What do you mean he wasn't there? Where is Brhin, then?"
     "Isn't he there with you?"
     "No, oh my God, what are you saying?" Fear knotted Catrine's stomach and made her nauseous. "I wouldn't have asked you to get him if he wasn’t going to be there. Are you playing a joke on me? I am not well Phae. My head is killing me and I don't find this in the least bit funny. Put Brhin on the phone."
    "Are you serious, Cat?" The anxiety in Phalene's voice was clearly heard through the phone line. “I thought that you had gotten someone else to get Brhin. He's not here.”
     Catrine looked at the small double heart picture frame that held a picture of Brhin in one heart and a picture of herself and Brhin in the other and her own heart skipped a beat. Dragging nerveless fingers through her already mused hair, Catrine swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up slowly. Her head felt as if it was about to burst and the pain behind her eyes made her want to lie back down.
     "Who else would I send? Phae, you are kidding aren't you? This is a joke, right? This can't be real. My baby is sitting in your den playing with your crazy little dog, right?"
    "No, he isn't. Come on, Cat, think. You’ve been really sick, running a high fever, taking medication. Maybe you asked a friend to get Brhin for you and just forgot. The little thing that was supposed to be substituting in his class told me that a friend of yours had come and gotten him. I just assumed you had called Linda."
     "No, I called you last night why would I call anyone else? Anyway, Linda goes to college now. She hasn't even been here in over two weeks. I called you. I even sent a note to the school to make sure the workers knew you would be coming. I should have called those idiot people this morning like I started to, but my head was killing me. I didn't even get out of the car when I dropped him off this morning. I just kissed him good-bye, watched him go into the building, came home and crawled into bed. I haven't even had the strength to get out of the bed to go to the bathroom. That Julioux woman from the office opened the door for him. I saw him take the note out of his pocket to give to her as I had instructed him and she waved it away. I should have gotten out of the car and gone in, but all I could think about was getting in the bed. Oh, God. I think I am going to throw up."
     "Honey, breathe slowly. Try to calm down and think."

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