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Green Smells Like Dog. Valerie-Living the Hell Outta Life #comedy #drama #shortstory

"Green Smells Like Dog" Another Snap of a Valerie-Living the Hell Outta Life
 There are millions of Valeries in the world & they all live one life.

"Valerie, blind from birth, is being taught about colors through her sense of taste."
Beakers of colored liquid arranged on the surface of the island were surrounded by bowls filled with samples of fruits, candies and spices.
“Are you ready, Valerie? Don’t be nervous. I don’t expect you to learn everything in the first lessons. Just have fun and let your imagination show you the color.”
“Okay, I’m ready.” Valerie literally trembled on her perch on the bar stool. Her bare toes gripping the rungs to keep her legs from swinging. The dark glasses covering her eyes, giving the illusion of sight. “What color am I tasting first?”
“I’ll tell you in a minute, after you absorb the flavor.”
The small spoon, no larger than the silverware in a toy tea set, touched Valerie’s lips and she opened them. Pulling the substance into her mouth with her tongue. The fact she was letting all of her taste buds and surface of her mouth feel could be seen through the moving swishing actions in her jaws and then she swallowed. The smile, big on her lips.
“That started off so good and then got a little bitter. It tastes like mint and grass. Like...”
“Green. Taste this.”
“Green?” Valerie sniffed the ingredients of the glass container pushed between her palms. “But it smells like dog.”
“Yes, green starts off tingly and fresh. As the color darkens it gets a little murky and kind unappealing. Go on, drink.Think about when you step out on the grass without your shoes. Prickly on your feet, fresh, and then that odd, dirty odor.”
“Yes, like dog.” She swallowed a health gulp and gagged. “So, what’s in here?”
“Powdered mint was on top, Kale, Barley, celery.”
“Ugh, well I don’t want that anymore. And now you’ve helped me to dislike green. Next color.”
“Here, drink a little water to cleanse your tongue.”
Valerie’s searching fingers crawled around her sister’s wrist until they encounter the water bottle held out in her direction, taking it, she took a sip and handed the bottle back.
Valerie had barely swallowed the sample before her tongue came out and she was reaching for a drink. Put a glass of milk in her hands.
“That is the color red.”
“Bull. That’s hot, like sauce or peppers.  Are you trying to be mean?”
“Nope. I’m telling you, that’s red. Bright, burning, like fire on your tongue. A color that stays in the memory long after it’s gone.”
“Well, now its gonna stay in my gut. I think my throat has a hole burned in it.”
“That’s the problem with blind people, they exaggerates too much.”
“No, some blind people just have heathens for sisters. You promised to help me “see” colors and all you’re doing is being mean.”
I’m not. Stop and think about it. If you aren’t going to try, I’m not going to help you.”
“Okay, fine. Let me taste yellow now.”
“One of my favorite colors. It’s bright and comforting. You know like, when Mom comes in to tuck us in at night after her shower. Her body is warm and she smells sweet and tangy like... "
" Lemonade!" They both squealed at the same time. Valerie held out her tongue for the expected substance and wasn't disappointed. In the bowl of the spoon was a mixture of warm lemon juice mixed with sugar.
"I love yellow. I love Mom. "


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Downloadabl 42 page Catalog of Excerpts
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